Cannabis in The Private Sector Part Deux

This pretty much sums up what the situation is so far for patients.

This is more a just an opinion piece it’s an excellent example of people’s experience the man in this link is talking about.

My Cannabis Journey In The Private Sector- A Personal Experience.

My particular journey into the private sector was one of the most challenging times for me. Cannabis has been legalised for medicinal use since November 2018. However, very few people have access to cannabis-based medicines in the UK.

In 2 years, just 10 people have been issued an NHS prescription for Cannabis-based medicines such as Sativex and other synthetic versions of CBMs.

It wasn’t really to do with accessing a clinic for me. Yet at the time it wasn’t affordable until the prices came down. This was unaffordable to many as a result.

Until Drug Science offered subsidised cannabis-based medicines as part of their launch of the study Project Twenty 21 or known as T21 for short.

This allowed the clinics that T21 partnered with to offer its potential patients the choice of subsidised medicines at reduced prices. ❤️

For me who is medically unfit to work, and having full-time care needs. I have to rely on benefits in the UK.

Others around the world would know benefits as their government-funded Social Security cheques.

Therefore, it allowed me to purchase cannabis-based medicines to consume under the supervision of a specialist. ❤️

This depends on what health problems you may have. You will partner with the right specialist for the patients condition/s.

For people who haven’t read my previous blogs, the consultation was via televideo they had my summary of care to refer to. As they contained my medical history. I was prescribed cannabis flowers for me to vape when necessary.

The medication is delivered safely and boxed discreetly via a courier service.

However, due to several factors the cannabis pharmacy that has my medicine delivered via the airport, there was a problem at firstly with quality control with the medicine I had so this was recalled. As I had opened the packet they could only give me a refund, not a replacement.

What made things go from bad to worse was id used over half of one of the packets already and had started on the recall batch when I had had to send 20 grams back via courier at no cost to myself.

This left me with 5 grams and an almost month of having no medicine at all. I usually receive 30 grams monthly in 3 containers and/or foil resealable packets.

Then the following 2 months there was a shortage of the brand I use as well as other brands and I was given alternatives.

The good news is the pharmacy has my original medicine back in stock and is currently on route to here… ❤😎🌿🌱🍀

Are You Being Driven Mad by Slugs and Snails? Here are 7 Plants They Hate – Capital Gardens

Hello my lovelies just thought I’d share this link with you.. 🍀

As I have been searching for ways to deter Slugs and Snails eating everything.

You’ll find some interesting tips you may find useful when slug and snail proofing the garden.

For me including plants that aren’t on the menu makes sense too. Luckily I have some of the ones mentioned so I know they do stay away from them which is the very pretty little purple grape style Muscari flowers…

However, some people aren’t so keen due to their invasive nature. I split up a load of Muscari bulbs after they had finished flowering and the leaves turns yellow. The leaves then die off in the same way that bluebells and daffodils do before reading this article. Enjoy ❤🍀

Check out Green Queen Magazine.Com

Hello my lovelies I’m going to share with you a series of articles about the political parties and the policies of drug reform. Look at what each major political party Labour Conservative Liberal Democrats.. Written by Rachael Davies of Green Queen Magazine.. Xx 😉 ❤️ 💚

My Journey Into Cannabis Activism and Advocacy.

Hello my lovelies firstly may I say (in advance as it were) I’m a private legal patient as is my partner, and my partner cares for me full time while dealing with his own health needs.

We get on with our neighbours and they know we consume cannabis and are supportive and due to the sometimes strong smell of Cannabis-based medicines we confine it to our porch and den in the garden (summerhouse/potting shed) ❤️ My family is also supportive as is my GP (doctor).

As we live very close to our local Metropolitan Police Authority. (For future reference) They were notified we consume cannabis flowers as our legal medicine. We were happy to show our prescriptions/consultation notes as evidence. which they accepted.

We didn’t want them to waste their time when they can be going after the really bad people who commit violent crimes for their ends and/or reasons❤️

I have been actively advocating for cannabis, and doing this from home. I am helping Drug Science in the Project T21 study. Also raising awareness via my social media platforms, aswell as writing to my blog space.

I am hoping that my contributions will help cannabis be accessible on the NHS.. ❤️ free to people who cant afford to pay for a private prescription.

I am too sick to work, after being seriously and critically ill twice, a month apart, a couple of years before in 2013.

After that life altering experience, I decided to concentrate on trying to heal my immune system, and get better. As I was facing a long road to recovery as I have Critical Illness Polyneuropathy (known as CIP)..

I was also wanting to get as close as I could to feeling normal, as best as I could to feeling like the old me. Although I knew something fundamental had changed in me. I had been through a traumatic experience

Everyone I have spoken to about why I was critically ill and why I have so many health problems now have been blown away surprised at what they’ve heard. ❤️

To be honest it’s something I’d rather forget especially as my recent health problems are a result of having sepsis and double pneumonia et al. Nevertheless I am grateful for having survived being very ill and that I can breathe everyday.. ❤️

I knew eating the right foods would boost my immune health and strengthen my heart and lungs. I had a baby grandson to meet as my 2nd daughter was heavily pregnant and was due in June. ❤️

I was in hospital in June of 2013 fortunately not for long as I was discharged and was home in time for my daughter to bring my grandson

9oI was also researching on nutrition as I was vegetarian and wanted to transition to vegan lifestyle, and a plant based diet. However, I also want to ensure I had a balance diet. The emphasis on ensuring I wasn’t missing in doing so,vital vitamins minerals aswell as

At the same time Kev was experiencing extreme pain aswell as what turned out to be severe Diverticulosis. In addition a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and gluten intolerant.

I knew through being critically ill how important the immune system is to the survival of the human and animal race. Especially when it comes to illness and the right amount of antibodies to fight off any viruses and bacterial infections. I had to have treatment to boost my cell count aswell as raising my blood pressure.

So while I was researching into which foods were good for boosting the immune system and overall for vitality and good health for us both.

Kev was specifically looking for the best natural pain relief that are safer than opiates. I knew the fentanyl and pregabalin wasnt.

He found some very interesting studies pertaining to cannabis. Something I’d had recreationally in my 30s once or twice yearly.

The penny had dropped that while I hadn’t had Cannabis too regularly. The last time I did I distinctly remember thinking hmm my spine isnt hurting too bad.`

We decided we’d participate and engaged with many patients aswell as other scientists doctors medical professionals including the alternative and mainstream media.🌱🌿 participating at parliamentary events/protests.

These including Cannabis advocacy groups and organisations at many national and other events coming from all over the world. Primarily from Europe and Canada and the USA. ❤️ 🌱🌿

Like others, I’ve wrote to the local Police Crime Commissioner, local governmental systems, which included written surveys and petitioning to the government on multiple occasions. This led collectively to the UK legalising Cannabis as a Medicine in November 2018. ❤️ 🌱🌿

As part of going privately to access CBM’s I joined a Drug Sciences study called Project Twenty 21 known as T21. At the same time I signed up with a clinic I’m not naming at present.

I get a good service from them however there is room for improvement aswell.

However, at present I believe the emphasis should be on the positive aspects of Cannabis based medicines and as a raw plant in the community. I observed many patients uniting and help the bigger picture. ❤️ 🌱🌿

In the main its been positive, however I’ve found personally to have been a mix of positive and negative experiences.

The industry is in its beginnings for the UK so it seems to be a mix of different private businesses.

and while I was part of the community who were effected by the recall of the Noidecs brand.

My Menopause Journey..❤️

Hi, there my lovelies I had a consultation with my GP in regards to my health problems incorporating my recent diagnosis of Reactive Hypoglycemia. My doctor thought that a consultation for HRT known as Hormone Replacement Therapy would be beneficial for me. ❤️

As I am experiencing multi-system health problems, the idea is that reintroducing estrogen would make the heart and other symptoms dissipate.

This in turn relieves the severity of the RH attacks. Preferably, stop them instantly…

So I went to a menopause clinic located at my local hospital. My doctor referred me because of my heart issues and medical history with clots in the past.

Anyway, for people who have found this blog post for the first time. I have been investigating the menopause in general.

I acquired Dr Louise Newson’s, Menopause Manual.

She is the UK leading Menopause Expert and activist. Louise’s objective is to update the instructions on HRT and women to have their version of Testosterone.

She is known on her YouTube channel as My Menopause Doctor. I will add a link to her channel as she has lots of various videos.

Davina McCall’s You tube video about how she applies her HRT

This is my HRT that was prescribed to me.

The consultation was 45 minutes long. The staff were professional friendly and put you at ease. The room were pleasantly bright. They were detailed in asking questions about your medical history

This helped them to determine whether I was menopausal and needing estrogen because I had a hysterectomy I didn’t need to have the other hormone Progesterone commonly given to women who haven’t had surgery.

My menopause doctor prescribed me the HRT gel which is applied to my thighs every evening after dinner then I ready myself in my nightwear ready to relax for the evening.🥰😎❤


How To Avoid Slugs and Snails Ruining The Flower Vegetable Gardens

Hello my lovelies! as the ever eternal student of life. I’ve always enjoyed gardening nature and being outside since as young as I could remember. The sensation of my tiny bare feet clinging to the grass with my toes. I still go barefoot on to the grass.

For years I’ve been attempting to deter slugs and snails from eating what I’ve been sewing planting and growing by putting them into another place in the garden. Surrounding plants with varied materials design to make it impossible for them to get to the flowers. Not always to some success…♥️

I have limited experience when it comes to my own gardens as I didn’t find the time until my adult life and raising a family that I began to enjoy gardening more. I lived in a ground floor low rised flats so we never had a garden in our childhood years. We spent many childhood summers in my grandad and granny’s garden. where I first fell in love with berries especially raspberries.

When you’re raised as a Romani Gypsy, the outdoors under the sun moon and stars are your home. You are taught to appreciate your environment and to take care of it. Just the same as a dwelling is to live in. In my parents case they experienced early years in a Romani Vardo (wagon) until the flood in January 1953 (in Belvedere Kent in England) in the UK forced them into brick built homes.

Although my parents finally got a house with a garden via an exchange with someone else.

So I learned about garden Roses how to prune and take care of them. Aswell as food herbs and vegetables from my parents. Then went home and practiced my skills on my own gardens with varying degrees of success. Coupled with reading about how to garden my mum and Dad gave me some great how to books as presents. Which helped with some additional methods of deterring pests.

But I hadn’t really considered getting plants for the garden that repel or plants that the snails and slugs don’t like … while we have the natural predators such as frogs birds in the garden who keep the populations down.

Using copper tape around pots are successful provided you replace the tape when it fails to work as they fade and weather eventually. But its still my go to, as we deter using methods like tape and gravel in our garden rather than kill.

I’ve chose our ornamentals based on aesthetically pleasing plants that are suitable for the type of soil we have. Also living a vegan lifestyle and always lived before going vegan with my diet. I made a conscious effort to grow organically using natural alternatives to control fungus mildew and protect our food against pests. Attracting Butterflies bees and other pollinators.

Although my gardening style has evolved organically (pardon the pun) over the years. As I spend all my time at home due to illness, we get to sit and enjoy the garden.We also choose our ornamentals to encourage different wildlife into the garden.

My mother in law was a good influence and mentor as she taught me the names of lots of the flowers, some of the herbs and other unusual food and vegetables. You may find this link interesting as it lists some of the ornamental plants you can have in your garden to deter snails and slugs.

The author James Wong is an author and has been on UK television with a series (the book is the same title) Grow Your Own Drugs. He uses herbs as medicine and grows his own teaching you about what herb you can use for headaches for instance.

He talks about using Mediterranean herbs in with your flower beds or greenhouse raised beds containers and planters. As they don’t like the smell as these are plants often left untouched by slugs and snails. This is something I can confirm. As I’m already growing some herbs amongst some flowers normally attacked by snails and untouched.. so I’d say to some success so far..♥️

Wonderful Thyme With It’s Multiple Uses.. â¤ï¸

Hello my lovelies Thyme is one of my favourite herbs to grow and consume. My Kev often sends me links to various sites and scientific research publication sites of subjects interesting to me.

I thought I’d share some of the uses of Thyme you may or may not be familiar with.. ❤️

We all know that Thyme is used as a accompaniment to many dishes in plant based and animal containing foods.

I will endeavour to share any plant based recipes where I find them useful for daily uses.

I’m of Romani and Kalá Romani Gypsy descent and have been disabled since my late 30s early 40s especially after being medically retired due to deteriorating osteoarthritis.

We were raised knowing herbs and spices has many uses not just in food and cooking.

We know Thyme can be used in the home garden and we were told that herbs and spices are medicinal so be careful when using them. ❤️

My dear late mum was always using herbs as a trained and qualified chef/cook and mum always taught us about which herbs and spices can be used for which. ❤️

Rural talks about how Thyme can be used infused in oils and kinds of vinegar for food use as well as how thyme is used for lung health as an expectorant and utilises in the garden.

However, it is important to say that you should consult with your regular doctor and medical professionals especially if you have preexisting conditions.

You may also wish to undertake some research on the medicinal properties of Thyme first.

In the meantime enjoy reading the link below.

Research Tips and Hacks When Looking For Information

As an former graduate of the University of Greenwich I had to learn how to research and write cited articles. While there are differing views to whether university is useful.. for me I found search tip or two I’d like to share with you lovely lot!.

Usually, (depending on where you live in the world! – for instance here in the UK), any websites ending in a .gov .org or indeed any website pertaining to an educational institution /authority. There are strict guidelines and rules in place they have to follow. This ensures the information contained is an accurate cited place to read published works.

All research, studies and other documentation in educational establishments not just universities have to have their work validated by fellow peers. This isnt dependant on the subject of course. All points raised including statements have to be cited quoted referenced.

Aswell as a bibliography-(a list of books, publications, websites)- leading to where the author got their references and research from. Be it from a educational website or published books and documentations.

Therefore, visitors to these places can trust these kinds of sources have to be accurate before publishing. You may wish to consider that a piece has to be factually correct to avoid a place, company or institution being sued for being factually incorrect or plagiarism.

Therefore, they could be a recommended source of data.

Also, something else to consider if you are going to cite from places such as encyclopaedia style websites such as Wikipedia and other information database style websites.

As some of these encyclopaedia style websites rely on the information being referenced and inputted correctly. Sometimes articles from Wikipedia type of websites can be incomplete and insufficient for referencing in an article.

As the requirement to enter data to these places is an account. So, anyone from the academic field and members of the public can input information.

The way I perceive the circumstance, any articles, reading materials, studies and its kind that’s not cited. Are typically the author’s opinion and/or anecdotal accounts, rather than actual evidence of the truth. Lastly, ensuring accuracy of the topic in hand.

Simple copying information from another article is plagiarism and some authors require permission before you can use their work. It is polite to credit an author. It is also considered polite if you credit a copyrighted article. Nevertheless, sometimes it can be difficult to find the author and or photographer/publisher/producer.

However, inputting into a search engine for instance,”copyright free images of piglets” would avoid the hassle of locating then seeking permission.

Got Beans? My Guide to Including Legumes on a Low FODMAP Diet

Hi there my lovelies not feeling myself today it turns out I have another infection the third one this year which is a bummer for the Bronchiectasis…

As Bronchiectasis is a progressive lung disease. For people living with this condition it has a similarity to cystic Fibrosis.

However with Bronchiectasis mucus continues to build up, more than the average lungs. This can build up to cause infection. This permanently damages the lungs.

The simple solution would be to take antibiotics and things should be fine right?! But as mentioned earlier the infection permanently damages the airways. This makes breathing more difficult.

The RH woke me with the usual heart racing drenched in sweat and mild shaking along with laboured breathing partly because I can feel my lungs are clogged and need clearing. Despite drinking plenty of water it only helps so far.

However, drinking water helps to loosen (break up) the mucus, thus ensuring it is easier to clean the lungs. ❤️

Of course, coughing triggers the Costochondritis pain. So it’s a vicious circle 😶

Once again, widening the bronchi so the fluid further filling up the lungs making it harder to breathe. risking more frequent infections permanently damaging the lungs. ❤️

Nevertheless, I’m a tenacious and gregarious gal and likes to take charge of her health. ❤️

So while reading about the types of legumes I haven’t tried and wondered if they were high in fodmaps.

Furthermore, I came across this interesting article by a Registered Dietitian called Antonella Dewell. She’s added a couple of recipes one for a tasty vegan quesadillas meal for lunch or a main meal. ❤️

For me, gluten is a big catalyst for an RH attack. For me, I get this odd cold almost and psychological feeling of dread and if I’m asleep I always awakened either got and clammy or feeling cold and clammy.

I’ve read from that it is common to have RH attacks when your blood levels are in normal ranges.

In some cases this is true for me. But at other times my glucose levels reflect the symptoms I’m experiencing.

Usually, when I’m unwell with an infection the blood glucose levels decline for me RH generally becomes erratic.

Anyhow, I would like to try that recipe… It’s well written and looking forward to seeing more of her writings. Enjoy… Xx

Random Post On My Journey Of Reactive Hypoglycemia.

Hello my lovelies, I woke this morning early as usual as my heart decided to go raving or nightclub dancing (An old favourite activity other than keeping fit via the gym, running and yoga) plus the usual symptoms

I’d fallen asleep while reading something on the UK Diabetes website but while I can’t remember what I was reading. I awoke to find I was on a forum page pertaining to Reactive Hypoglycemia.

While it was obvious to me Id fell asleep while reading. I awoke to my phone on the bedside cabinet. When I began reading it was on the main diabetes website.

Anyhoo, I found myself reading a thread titled reactive hypoglycemia information for newbies. It could’ve easily have been written by me as the symptoms of RH attacks were the same.

It would be a perfect guide to Reactive Hypoglycemia if it wasn’t an anecdotal account. I was taught when I was at university, whenever you write about anything factual. You should state how this fact is true and credible. As I wanted this to be a factual article it is something I have done only in partial terms.

As I’ve mentioned before in a post on RH the condition is not a common one. So it is something that I haven’t delved into with some frequency.

So while I can’t site a forum post I can resonate with the author’s experiences.

I had been getting the symptoms of Reactive Hypoglycemia for 4 years in July this year. In the last consultation, the consultant and I went through the symptoms the tests and procedures I had thus far. While she said I have all the symptoms of RH she needs to do some additional tests to determine the cause in order to rule what type of RH it is.

I had 2 days of tests a week apart… Ordinarily, I would’ve been tested 2 days in a row but I was unable to get there for the days they wanted.

According to various sources, Reactive Hypoglycemia is a rare condition. The more straightforward reason is due to a tumour on the pancreas. I have been tested and I don’t have cancer. Since reading this forum post I’ve established there’s different causes of RH.

So this is something that I will look into this.

So far I have observed and identified patterns of higher spikes in my glucose levels early in the mornings. While they’re in the higher end of the normal range. It is enough to be a catalyst for the Hyperglycemic symptoms to wake me up.

I’ve ascertained that I’ve also overcompensated when I’ve had a low glucose level causing the blood levels to go too high.

My main takeaway is that I need to do more research into RH its causes and importantly, how to prevent future the rollercoaster effect it triggers.

My Journey With Workout for Women.. â¤ï¸

I just finished Workout for Women. Today felt tougher at times today my energy was flagging at times.

But I managed to push through it but I did a similar routine yesterday. So maybe this is why. I was working on my abs glutes and legs.

I’d tweaked my routine as I found there was a movement that I couldn’t manage ❤️

But upon reflection of my blood results, I think my blood sugar must have been high. As I know cannabis lowers blood sugar, so does exercise.

As I’d completed my evening routine and had my cannabis medicine after my evening meal my glucose levels should have been at its usual 5.1mmols.

Nevertheless, when I tested my blood it was 8.1mmols. So I was gratified for the app Workout for women it was only 8.1, and the symptoms were only mild. 🥰

Download the app here: