About me..Hey there thanks for visiting my lil edge of internet space! I’m an disabled online activist raising awareness for a vegan lifestyle and against animal testing.. In addition, I’m raising awareness for Cannabis to be recognised as a food medicine for human consumption. Including legalisation and regulation for the right to obtain from your doctor/MD/specialist via a prescription and pharmacy. In addition for others to grow medicinally for personal consumption in the UK.. Also amongst subjects that are personal to me are Autism and Autistic Spectrum Condition/Disorder Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD),Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD). I will be discussing special needs as a whole and what it is like to be disabled coming from being able-bodied and physically well. Including other illnesses such as; Mental Health in the UK, Depression and Suicidal Thoughts, Psychosis, Post Partum Psychosis/Depression, Sepsis, Post Sepsis Syndrome, Costochrondritis, Critical Illness Polyneuropathy(CIP). Amongst the activism you’ll find different random blogs, hints tips and hacks for life… My story of cheating death (that ol Grim Reaper) twice.. vegan and cruelty free lists and journal style of my wacky random outlook, my bucket list.. and doing as much as I can as I’m going blind too, so many stories to share, knitting, crafts and so much more…. So join me… take a peek…. go on… you know you want to… much love as always Nelly 💙💙 😁 😉 xx