Start Out No Dig | Charles Dowding

Hello my lovelies a good video to start with if you want to try the ‘no dig’ technique. It has worked really well in the greenhouse so far. It is something that I’ve adopted in the planters and the hanging baskets. When it comes to planting new plants or cuttings, I make a slot in the place I want to grow them.

I make the slot wider with a wiggle of the gardening tools and pop them in. I was watching a Charles Dowding video on the no digging method. He says the main aim of the no dig technique (he devised) is to minimise moving the soil as little as possible.

Ive always been the type of gardener to pull up a weed the moment I see it break the soil’s surface. Ive since forced myself to be patient and let some of them grow abit longer.

Ive found that some of the ‘weeds’ have developed into flowers so I try to ascertain if its a weed or wildflower. Or even a self seeded plant where the birds or the wind has blown it.

As I have disabilities as does Mr Vegan so he made raised beds and we have large pots. So I’ve not found it difficult to maintain thus far. However when I have a RH attack I’m unable to go outside least of all try to weed the planters and containers.

I’m lucky if I can get to the front and outer door… As Reactive Hypoglycemia affects my breathing aswell as my heart racing and other symptoms such as shaking as nausea and vomiting, and on severe days an upset belly in addition to the other symptoms.

So the only thing I can do when I have a flare (as I call them as it is what it feels like a sudden onset of intense and sometimes severe symptoms) is wait it out.

Obviously I treat any hypos (low blood glucose orΒ  sometimes known as blood sugar).

It usually makes me sleep as that’s another one of the symptoms.

Hope everyone has a lovely week, the weather has been in the late 20’s degrees centigrade in South East London and North West Kent borders. advertised as a heatwave and as a self confessed sunbaby. It is my ideal of heavenly sunbathing or tidying the garden kinda weather.

It is hot sunny with a small amount of the occasional cloud. With an occasional gust of wind or gentle breeze blowing around the garden. We have a mix of shaded part shaded and full sun environment.

So its taken some years to get the garden the way we want it.

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