My Reactive Hypoglycemia Aka Post Prandial Syndrome Journey.

Well hello my lovelies I feel quite empowered and more positive than usual. Even though Ive got another chest infection and Tonsillitis (but on antibiotics which are working)

I had a schedule phone consultation with my regular doctor although sadly he’s leaving my surgery which is a real shame as he seemed to know about RH and how to practically help someone who is vegan. But there is a lady doctor whose also very good and she’s diabetic so she understands too.

She is also pro Cannabis and supportive that Ive taken charge of my health and she appreciated my honestly in being candid with her.

But back to today’s doctor he gave me his advice about things as in foods that can help stop the spikes in my blood glucose (a certain amount of sugar is needed to help the cells get oxygen to the body including the brain) He admitted he doesn’t care for pharmaceutical drugs himself either. Especially long term drugs exactly like what Im currently taking.

So while we spoke about my wish to come off opiates I’/d never said when I was going to do it. So I confessed I’d stopped taking my night time Pregabalin and just taking the morning one.

He was over the moon and said that’s fantastic news and was really happy the cannabis therapy is helping me. He also said there some good research pertaining to plant based protein and stopping the blood sugar spikes.’

So Im going to increase my protein take with each meal to see if this improves the RH attacks. I have noticed since cutting out foods containing white flour and processed foods and especially refined hidden sugar in some products were triggering spikes which is what makes the eventually drop dangerous which is why I have the extreme symptoms.

But I’ve got a blood test Monday 12th then seeing the endocrine team on Wednesday 21st with hopefully some definitive answers…♥️🙏

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