Watch “Charles Dowding” on YouTube

He’s known as the godfather of the No Dig principle. He has a youtube channel which he runs a market garden from his gardens at Home Acres in Somerset UK.

He is also an author of several books including topics such as the no dig principle and organic gardening. He also lectures and teaches courses on the no dig principle.

Charles has a easy to listen voice and format in the way he delivers each video ..

So I have no doubt the courses he delivers is of a very high standard. I highly recommend subscribing as he has several playlists that will be of extremely good use to the beginner gardener to even the more experienced gardener who wants to try new tried and trusted techniques.

Title playlists are for example How to Grow Pest and Problems, Making Compost,Propagation and many more that might pique your interests.

Im not being paid or gifted in any way for saying about Charles Dowding and his website. But Ive found him very useful when growing my own flowers fruit and vegetables and just thought he was worthy of mentioning..

Finally Charles Dowding has his own website

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