Seed Our Future Films Seed Our Truth … The Documentary of 2021

This Friday July 9th….

Hello my lovelies as you know I advocate and consume cannabis as a medicine.. Seed Our Future’s Guy Coxall with collaboration from WTU and Outlaw from Manchester are organising a big event.

The venue is Parliament Square and they will be filming interviews with guest speakers such as my Kev our friend Tony who Ive written about before… (see my blog about Tony’s arrest and prosecution for saving his own life due to terminal kidney failure)

The line up so far is… Guy Coxall Seed Our Future. link to follow

Phil Monk (WTU) check them out on instagram.. another excellent link to follow..Our dear friend Phil founder of We The Undersigned

Outlaw of (Outlaw Ltd) he has a youtube channel you might want to check out..

Karen Gray (Access for children with Epilepsy) seen on various UK television interviews and in print as little Murray’s mum who had to fight for access for Murray..

Tannine Montgomery (Access for children with Epilepsy)

Simpa Carter (The Simpa Life) you can find Simpa on Facebook Twitter and Instagram..

Trev Coleman (Trev’s Law)

Jamie Bartley (Unyte Hemp)

Michael Omatsola-Morgan (Bio-Fuels For The Future)

Kevin Middleditch (GYO VS Medical Prescription)

Philip Antony Bevington (Persecuted for saving his own life)

More speakers will be available but its to be arranged…(TBA) This line up is taken from Guys website..Seed Our Future

If you are unable to attend (like myself) then my friend Simpa from The Simpa Life will be livestreaming the talks for those who cannot attend.

Then from 2pm it will be a trip to Scotland Yard…

Please Check out Seed Our Future for more information on ways you can contribute or be one of Seed Our Future’s many extras…🌱☘️🙏

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