My Medical Cannabis Journey…

This is my trusty little vaporiser she’s called Spirit.. The photo below is cannabis flower or bud its what I put into the vape. ❤️

I became a legal patient and I consume cannabis flowers which are ground down into a smooth granule powder type consistency. ❤️

This must be of a set dosage for you. What I found surreal was the whole conversation with a medical professional about cannabis. The last time I spoke to a medical professional about cannabis based medicines.

They said the usual narrative that there isnt any evidence to support Cannabis works as a medicine. They also said theyd have no intention of prescribing it and the reminder it was illegal in the UK.

So after spending years of protesting, and attending protests, completing surveys, writing emails advocating and raising awareness about Cannabis. It seemed very strange to talk about my cannabis activism especially about my cannabis usage.

Especially to another medical professional who then proceeded to tell me not only was I eligible…

(But I knew this due to previous conversations which my old GP for cannabis based medicine Sativex said I’m sorry its too expensive you can’t have it). I’m eligible and what kind of cannabis did I want? My face was a sight to be seen haha..

I get my cannabis from my pain specialist who sends my script to the pharmacy who safely delivers my medicine via courier in the UK. I also wrote letters to parliament asking to make cannabis legal for sick people. Ive also written to appeal for others.. But Im rambling …

It was a surprisingly easy process from start to finish. I was recommended and inspired by my partner signing up and getting his own legal prescription. Anyhoo, we have other activist friends who went with this particular clinic so I went for it..

I was able to make an appointment with the doctor date and time of my choice .. Although they were all very busy with new or potential clients. I didn’t want to wait so I chose a different pain specialist to my partner.

We had the consultation via televideo. This was set up conveniently as correspondence was via links to click on in an email. So it was easy enough to follow. He had my medical records as I gave them my info.

Although something to consider in the future. Make sure your GP surgery is aware you are having a private consultation (if you feel comfortable in doing so) Or instruct the surgery to send a summary of care to your medical professional.

Maybe consider having the summary of care sent to you or collected then you may pass it on to your private doctor if you don’t want to tell your GP.

Although I had told my doctors surgery I was attending a cannabis clinic and the pain specialist needed a summary of care.. I told them who it was incase the clinic contacted them so they’d be less complications. My GP is supportive and is interested in the benefits I’m receiving from CBM’s.

It is fairly new in the UK and my surgery at first rang me to say that a Cannabis Clinic had rang and asked for my medical records and they wanted to check it was real and a genuine case. They did wonder if it was spam mail.

I laughed and assured them it was genuine and thanked them for ringing and told them they could send on my details as I cant have the consultation without it.

So allow plenty of time when you place an appointment my clinic recommended about 2 weeks. This was a fairly accurate timeline, given as the UK is still operating around covid conditions.

I hope this helps you drop me a line or a DM on my social media if you prefer. If you have any questions or comments then you’re also welcome to put them in the comments section below …

Right Im going to finish my cannabis medicine I’ve got my Spirit at a nice 180 degrees but I fluctuate the temperature settings depending on what other cannabinoids I want to activate as I’ve been accessing CBC CBD THC CBG.. ❤️

This obviously depends on what kind of pain or symptoms I’m experiencing and then I’ll fall into bed as its 11.48pm xx

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