Gardening Inspirational Tips

Hello my lovelies ever the eternal student I like to read about and watch educational videos about things/subjects that interest me. I like to pass on these bits of information to help others. Or consider if it could be useful to someone else.

Due to my health problems and disabilities I’m very limited to what I can do. But I keep busy with many hobbies..❤️

I’m very fortunate to have a considerate and caring (quite literally at times as my full-time carer) partner who enjoys the same kind of hobbies as myself.

So while he does the garden work I’m unable to physically do. I tend to the pots hanging baskets and planters at easy reach.

A useful gardening tip is consider how you use your garden. It might sound simple thing to do. But weve found it useful to avoid more future mistakes such as falling for a wonderful variety of sun loving plant and place it in a shady area.

We know that we will face old age in the future and my mobility and health issues are progressive. So we planned the garden in order to be able to work with plus enjoy the garden from a seated position. ❤️

As we both have disabilities we planned our garden by having the planters raised and having a variety of long handled tools.. Lastly, keeping the kind of plants that are perennial/biennial in nature. Also considered what we planned on using our garden for.

Also we planned what kind of plants we wanted to grow ensuring that we placed the right plant in its preferred conditions.

Our garden is for us an extension of our home. We have a working and leisure garden which is animal and wildlife friendly as we attract a variety of small and large birds. The wonderful pollinators such as bees, little black beetles, other garden predators helping to protect our growing food such as lovely little lady birds (ladybugs for my international fam!) Butterflies, my particular favourite the Hover Fly..

To enjoy flowers throughout the year we staggered the arrangement so we can have different flowers on show.. we like to choose plants which have attractive foliage not just to flower and look pretty. We choose our plants and flowers to attract the wildlife.

Some people like to design their colour schemes with groups of one variety of plant.

Or you can choose a monochromatic design. For instance different hues of one of two colours. Reds and yellows. ❤️

We mainly garden with a mix of food and ornamental plants.

We’re also very lucky to have a greenhouse and we’re able to grow food in the greenhouse aswell as the planters and hanging baskets in the main garden. ❤️

I enjoy taking photos of the different parts of the garden especially where the sun kisses them. I hope they inspire you.. 🍀 💚

Here are a few photos enjoy ❤️

They really did taste sweet and didn’t last long.. ❤️
Some Pansy seeds drying ready for use or storage in brown paper in a dark place,
A couple of pansies and a viola to the right (named Johnny Jump Up grown from seed these are from a previous seasons seeds.. ❤️
Pansy seed pod you can tell when the seeds are ready as the pod changes colour to a pale green/or yellow. I noticed some open by themselves if you can catch them on the plants before the seeds are dispersed for future plants and flowers. ❤️
In the greenhouse gathering two kinds of lettuce aswell as some herbs. ❤️
These garlic bulbs were grown amongst the ornamental plants. Some of the wildlife dislike the smell of garlic. I also like the green leaves amongst the flowers
Harvest of garlic bulbs organic no pesticides used and no dig for a couple of years has made an improvement in the soil and produce. ❤️

Salad with food from the greenhouse apart from the cucumber and tomatoes but all organic of course… Xx 😉 ❤️

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