Cannabis Activism and a Plant Based Journey..

Hi there my lovelies as you know I’ve got a significant number of complex health conditions. One such condition is a progressive lung disease named Bronchiectasis. I have been shielding to an extent (very much like the current Covid pandemic shielding arrangements) since 2013.

For people who are here for the first time.. I nearly died twice back in 2013, as a result of Double Pneumonia and Severe Sepsis which turned into Sepsis Shock. Twice… 

As I had been admitted with Bacterial Pneumonia then later while recovering from the first bout I contracted another double viral pneumonia again in my lungs. This spread around my body and I received acute kidney injuries.

I had a number of complications which included Pulmonary Embolisms. Damaged heart and lungs with bilateral scarring. This left a cyst on my kidney again a result of the trauma.. along with Anxiety and PTSD from the experience.

Other complications included Critical Illness Polyneuropathy(CIP) and Costochrondritis which became chronic and its extremely painful to breathe yawn sneeze cough and burping even laughing.

I have been speaking to the Dr about these ongoing issues and she’s doing what she can by referring me to the endocrine specialist team as well as a neurologist and a lung specialist.

I told her about I’ve seen a Harley Street and I’ve got a cannabis prescription. She said That’s great! enthusiastically and she said she really appreciated me telling her. So I told her about the Project T21 study I’d also signed up for. 

This is in order to help Drug Science who is working on Project T21 present a comprehensive database of scientific evidence proving the efficaciousness of Cannabis. Cannabis Based Medicines (CBMs)

Unfortunately I ended up having a Hypoglycemia attack while I was talking to her so much of what I wanted to say went out my head.

I couldn’t concentrate on what we was discussing. I had agreed to catch up with her in two weeks time. So I will talk to her about it again.

I’d also have a couple of weeks of Cannabis medicine inside me.

I can breathe in and out with no pain. I also feel like I can get a pretty decent breath in. Like I get a good lung full of air.

Very little hurts and it’s great..

I don’t feel angry violent paranoid or aggressive or any of those stereotypical negative behaviour people have labelled to cannabis to be.

I feel happy to be able to breathe without the constant stabbing tearing pain😁🥰💗✌️🌱

Update.. whilst writing this I ended up in hospital after having a lung infection an unstable RH attack which left me needing rehydrating and I had to stabilise my glucose levels with food. Plus oral and IV antibiotics and fluids along with antisickness to stop the vomiting.

Below are some interesting links with more information about alternative CBM’s .. Watch this space as I’ve got something coming up…! ❤️ if it works out well. I’ll be very excited to share more with you lovely people xxx ❤️ 💚 💜

My Medical Cannabis Journey..

Hello my lovelies…

This is my private prescription for Cannabis based medicine, my experience was a positive one and felt very surreal. As I was able to afford the cost of a cannabis prescription. Therefore I wouldn’t be arrested or prosecuted for possession of Cannabis flowers for medicine. In the UK in November 2018 the law changed allowing people to use cannabis as a medicine.

However, this is only in particular circumstances and consumed in particular methods. Cannabis also has to be prescribed by a specialist. They are licensed to prescribe a controlled drugs such as opiates for instance Fentanyl which a GP can prescribe.

Nevertheless, while cannabis is a safer alternative, it can only be prescribed by a specialist. For while it is legal for instance to vape cannabis flower using a vaporiser. It would be illegal to use that same flower into a cigarette paper with or without tobacco and smoked.

Therefore, meaning if you’re unable to obtain a private prescription for cannabis. Even if you or your child qualifies for cannabis based medicines due to ill health but cannot afford a prescription. You would be breaking the law if you obtained cannabis flowers or Cannabis oil/tincture etc without a prescription. This also includes edibles..

In UK law, you would be jailed for up to 5 years for possession, and up to 14 years if found to be growing enough to be sold commercially.

I had decided to consult a private pain specialist to obtain advice and hoped for a safer alternative to the Fentanyl and Pregabalin Im currently on.

Surviving two bouts of bacterial and viral double pneumonia with sepsis shock twice. With a combo of clots on the lungs. over seven litres of fluid on the heart and lungs drained off.

PTSD,Blood transfusions with NORAD to raise my blood pressure to a normal level and an induced coma twice. I had respiratory failure twice and diagnosed with Costochrondritis, then Critical Illness Polyneuropathy.

Finally, with a diagnosis of an ectopic heart beat and suspected Reactive Hypoglycemia I really didn’t want to place any further stress on my body.

Since coming home in June 2013 I was determined to strengthen my lungs heart and immune system. However, Im not allowed to do exercise due to my spinal injury and the osteoarthritis.

So as I wasn’t sure how to go about this. I started by putting my research skills to use and started learning about biology, anatomy and the human body.

Over the years I added learning about human diseases, nutrition and varied integrated sciences including nutritional science. Law, History Sociology and veganism and a plant based lifestyle.

Id been vegetarian so it wasn’t difficult to transition. I’d looked into alternative medicine and the reoccuring theme that kept popping up was Cannabis.

Now like any typical twenty something we all experience some kind of drug. Whether it is alcohol, cigarette smoking, medication from the doctor, or recreational drugs at a party/entertainment venue. I’d tried a cannabis joint before. In my late teens once at a party, and again in my twenties.

Id never knowingly experienced recreational drugs before. The only time I had an over the counter Anadin for headache/migraines. I didn’t like or have an interest in any pharmaceutical or recreational drugs. I’d unfortunately had my drink spiked at a party. However I was lucky it wore off and I was able to sleep. Before then I’d not even had prescription drugs.

On the occasions I did it I was with a friend the children was with my husband at home. He knew my friend well as her husband partook in cannabis on occasions. We both knew people in our social circle who used cannabis recreationally.

However I never felt the need to use cannabis on a regular basis because I prioritised my career and my gym membership!!😉😁

However in the back of my subconscious I knew it had a medicinal effect on me as well as giving me the giggles and feeling creative. I had the same nagging digging ache in my spine and coccyx since I had my middle daughter.

Luckily the Doctor was lovely completely understood and said I have more than enough symptoms and I’d tried enough pharmaceutical medicines to qualify for a prescription.

We discussed what kind of cannabis I would like and I said I would benefit from a one to one cannabis. In addition the doctor gave me a 16% THC in a tub of pre-ground flower. This is to help me with the severe pain I experience.

I bought a spirit vaporiser to put the cannabis flower in its 0.3gram chamber .. I have a 0.2g dosage to vape when required.

lots of love as always ….Nelly.. xx🥰🥰🙏✌️💗

Ideal Temperatures For Vaporizing Cannabis – RQS Blog

This is an interesting and excellent guide by Royal Queen Seeds. They have comprised a comprehensive list of the various temperature for vaping whole plant cannabis flowers.

They include not just the popularly known  cannabinoids such as THC,CBD,CBG,CBN. RQS also include the Terpenes and Flavinoids… for a first timer like me it really is a must read…

How A Racist Hate-Monger Masterminded America’s War on Drugs | by Laura Smith | Timeline

This was an interesting read on how the War on Drugs was masterminded in the USA. How it started which started with Harry J Anslinger to reverberate around the world to reach the UK in 1971.

This is when Cannabis was made illegal and criminal prosecution for possession of Cannabis was pursued. If convicted, carrying a criminal sentence. 🙏🥰

What is Vegan Protein Like?

A must read if you want to know what Vegan Protein is like! ❤️

An excellent and thorough explanation pertaining to plant based protein and how much protein we’re supposed to be having in the UK.

I really enjoyed the read and will be sharing this across my social media platforms. Its author is Raw Rebellion a post well written.. Go check them out ❤️ Enjoy xx 😉

FODMAPs Part Dui

hey my lovelies I wrote about FODMAPs on April 9th blog titled FODMAPs. In the main Im discussing what FODMAPs are and how they can help IBS…

I was also saying how FODMAPs were researched by the MONASH University.

Monash devised a system, they also have a app some people find useful. Each food and drink are assigned a free, or Green traffic lights. Examples are CARROTS PARSNIPS. These can can be consumed freely.  There is also a low medium or high fodmap rating.

This is also used as a traffic light system. Such as the Amber being the warning and Red signs meaning avoid. They’re similar to what comes on most of the UKs packaging nowadays.

Mr Vegan follows Monash’s fodmap to help with IBS/Severe Diverticulosis. I have IBS aswell due to auto immune food sensitivities. I have developed for us a list of vegetables we eat because they’re low in fodmaps.

I highly recommend the MONASH University website as Ive found alot of information and has prompted me to write this particular blog post.

I wondered if others are thinking the same as me. Experience has taught me there is always someone in the world who is thinking the same as you.. (I’ll add the link at the end) 😉🙏…

It got me to thinking as Id read that certain foods can be classed as low fodmap. But if you have over a certain amount the food can that food become a high fodmap?(RED traffic light)

The little humble Courgette/Zucchini to my international friends and visitors is a good example of this. Monash recommends that the Courgette is at 65 grams and below is has a low rating.

However if you eat 100 grams or even 75 grams the Courgette can then become a high rating. Otherwise a RED traffic light meaning if you are sensitive to high fodmaps you may find it causes IBS and unwanted symptoms.

Mr Vegan found by decreasing his portion of courgette down to 65grams the risk of IBS is now zero and he doesnt have any ibs symptoms..

Before trying any new diet , especially if you have any preexisting condition, such as IBS, make a visit a dietitian/nutritionist. Unless you live in the UK,make an appointment to see your GP who should refer you to a dietitian. IF a diagnosis of IBS has been made.

According to the NICE guidelines ”If a person’s IBS symptoms persist while following general lifestyle and dietary advice, offer advice on further dietary management. Such advice should; Include single food avoidance and exclusion diets (for example, a low FODMAP [fermentable oligosaccharides and polyols] diet). only be given by a healthcare professional with expertise in dietary management. [new 2015]


FODMAPs I’ll tell you the basics.. what they are and why you need to know about them.

A friend also had the same idea about fodmap so I’ll endeavour to point you in his direction further down the page.. ❤️

Quite frankly, I think he’s done a great job of selecting relevant information and he’s mentioned Nightshades… I won’t spoil it by giving away everything..

But what I will say is check out PCB Radio on social media, here on wordpress and their website for music all things plant based including activism and information on Cannabis and its benefits..

Right me lovelies FODMAPS is a acronym for Fermentable Oligo/Di/Mono-saccharides and Polyols (FODMAPS) its understandable why people use the acronym instead…

These types of food take longer to break down in the body. Sometimes it can cause problems to people sensitive to certain foods. It can lead to symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

For people who are unsure of what IBS is? It is where people have many such debilitating   symptoms. Such as excess air and bloating with bouts of nausea and or vomiting. Alternating between diarrhoea and constipation with the typical severe pain and soreness.

Nightshades are a group of vegetables that for some people have allergies intolerances or even food sensitivities.

Foods in the nightshade family includes White/Red Potatoes, Peppers, Tomatoes, Strawberries. again these can cause severe stomach cramps, IBS, and other debilitating symptoms. 💖✌️🙏

Bi-Polar Affective Disorder and Mental Health In The Public Eye â¤ï¸

I’d always liked Adam Ant and the Ants as a pop group.. Actually, that’s abit of an huge understatement..

Anyone who knew me well enough knew I was a huge fan. I had a huge crush on Adam in my early teens (otherwise known as Stuart Goddard) and a fan of the music especially his first and second character changes.. Or musical incarnations.. ❤️

From a Native American Indian warrior for the songs Dog Eat Dog, and King Of The Wild Frontier.

To a leather clad white striped Face-Paint for the dandy highwayman with his writing partner and fellow Ant Marco Pirroni with the tune Stand and Deliver. Then his incarnation as Prince Charming of the same titled single and many others in the pop charts.

For people who haven’t heard of him Adam Ant was born as Stuart Goddard.

According to the book I had of his years he came from Romani descent on his mother’s side. His father was an alcoholic and abusive so he was raised as a single parent family for much of his childhood.

What inspired me to write this was I was watched a program uploaded on YouTube called The Madness of Prince Charming..

It was like a documentary on his life childhood and his rise to fame. His mental health deteriorates and ultimately he lands up being sectioned into psychiatric care. He goes on to candidly discuss his mental health and his diagnosis of living with Bi-Polar disorder or known as at first Manic Depression..

I didn’t like the way the mainstream media mainly the newspapers and how they portrayed Adam’s struggle with Bi-Polar disorder.

It left me with a bitter taste towards the mainstream media and the mocking bullying attitude towards someone obviously unwell at the time. I don’t read newspapers so I can only guess Adam is doing well behind the scenes.

There are varied types of bipolar disorder some people have more depression than manic phases. Others have more manic than depressive phases. Some don’t have the respite of having some normality. As some go from manic to depression phases in one go. It may affect the individual differently.

Bipolar disorder was known at first as manic depression. According to the NHS guidance Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that affects your moods, which can swing from one extreme to another.”

Adam Ant Of Adam and The Ants