Vegan Beauty Products Reviews… Baylis & Harding Reviewed..

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas holidays whether you celebrate the Christian holiday celebrating Jesus’s birthday and I hope you managed to have some time with loved ones or alone time. I am all about self-care. For me taking care of my skin and using creams balms lotions in the form of beauty products is paramount to feeling happy in my own skin. My children know I like vegan beauty and skincare products not tested on animals. So I thought I would do some beauty product reviews starting with some of the goodies we got for Xmas this year. I will only test products not tested on (animals) and containing animals.

So you will see a series of vegan and plant-based products put to the test. These will be in various formats such as written articles, blogs and if I can create a YouTube video and a podcast of my blogs. I aim to be more inclusive as not everyone can access a written blog post. Or maybe they prefer to listen to or watch content such as beauty reviews.

My skin type is varied my face is different to my body (normal with a slightly oily in the T-zone area). My skin elsewhere is normal, dry in places such as the soles of my feet. I also have sensitive prone skin. I react to certain products mainly with itchy red rashes appear. But over the years I’ve found what I respond to then I avoid it. This also includes certain washing powders, so I usually have some fragrance-free washing products suitable for babies or sensitive skin. For UK readers and listeners I use Tesco and other brands that don’t test on animals and vegan by ingredient lists. Not all companies can afford vegan labels but appear on some varieties of their products by ingredients.

First up is a UK Based Business that creates various vegan products which include a range of women’s and men’s hand and body cleansing moisturising soap lotions and balm. Baylis and Harding’s Jojoba Vanilla and Almond Oil Hand and Body Lotion Baylis and Harding also produce a luxury shower creme body wash and body lotion. They are labelled on the packaging not tested on animals and are vegan. This is also confirmed on their website the packaging is a pale pink with gold shiny caps and gold lettering on the labelling and the caps. They look very pretty standing in your kitchen bathroom utility room cloakroom or anywhere likely that you’d keep hand and body washing products. I’ve used the hand wash and the hand and body lotion for both my hands and legs.

The scent is delicate but not overpowering to the senses. It has a silky satiny feel to the skin you can feel the oil on the skin but the product doesn’t feel heavy or clog the skin. I will have to experiment with the amount to use on the skin. But when I put a large sized amount bigger than a 50p piece or the size of a Maryland Cookie always bought them in the past for the family but I didn’t eat those particular cookies. I was vegetarian and ignorant to how animals are used to make food and how companies test their cosmetic products upon animals, before sending them off to the stores to be sold.

I wasn’t about to pay someone to kill and use parts of animals on my behalf. Just so I can eat or wear something made from as well as tested on animals! I’d rather not thank you. The scent remains on the hands after some time since application. I was a tad stingy with the amount I gave to each leg. However, the product soaked quickly into the legs and didn’t leave a greasy residue to the skin it soaks in nicely. But as I said I have to experiment with the amount I use on each leg to give it a fair review … But for now, I’d certainly recommend purchasing this product. As they were gifts so unfortunately, I can’t give you prices …

But you can find them on places like Amazon or EBay or even in selected drugstores pharmacy and other retail stockists…Happy New Year 2022 .. Have a wonderful 2023…


Vegan Peanut Butter Bars – Loving It Vegan

Hello lovelies I found a great little website vegan food (of course!) and some very mouthwateringly tempting recipe to try.

So I thought I’d share these with you lovely lot first! Enjoy!

Please note if you have any preexisting health problems such as gastrointestinal issues. Or other health conditions such as IBS and diverticular disease and you’re following a low fodmap diet, you may want to adjust or omit any high fodmap foods. Do not assume that the recipes you see here are low fodmap and nightshade free.

This also includes anyone with food allergies sensitivities and intolerances. Please check the ingredients before trying out these recipes.. ❤️

Bean Sprouts Health Benefits & Blog

Hello my lovelies I’ve been busy with reading and watching Educational and nutritional studies and information. Aswell as trying to stabilise my glucose levels during the evening so it doesn’t wake me up during the night.

What complicates matters is that I live with several different health conditions where the symptoms of the symptoms overlap. Illness and hormonal changes such as the peri and menopause can trigger Reactive Hypoglycemia (RH) symptoms.

Anyhow we wanted to include a wider variety of food to our diet and beans is something we don’t eat regularly as some cause IBS symptoms.

Mr Vegan had been craving some beanshoots so I looked them up and up came organic mung beans.

When sprouted they’re useful for salads stir-fry soups sandwiches and a good source of vitamins B2 C and K. In addition they contain copper and Iron with adequate levels of Folate.

So we bought some online via amazon and got them delivered the next day.

They are surprising easy to germinate and grow in a tub lined with an appropriate material for lining and helping the seed germinate whilst staying damp. This method has worked supremely well and would be a great activity for children at home. Or children in an educational setting.

These are from our third crop and harvest of mung beans grown in a pot. So you don’t need a garden. All you need is a spare container with a lid suitable for layering a single bed of mung beans.

Then ensure they are watered muslin cloth can also be used I’ve read. There are various methods of how to sprout mung beans available online. ❤️

Björk – it’s oh so quiet

Hello lovelies this song covered by Björk brings back some precious memories of my youngest daughter. My mum could and would spend my childhood singing. She would tell us every time a Connie Francis song come on the radio that it was her. As Connie’s her chosen name it so happened my mum sounded just like her. As young children, it didn’t take much convincing as I knew my mum’s name was Connie and that was it…

Anyhoo It’s So Quiet was released in November 1995 two months after my youngest daughter 3rd birthday. This was her first attempt at singing. Being the youngest of 3 girls she was laid back and followed what her sisters were doing.

But occasionally she would surprise you with a little dance or song or an amazing story she was very creative. It started as a typical toddler does with the sshh and her tiny finger squashing her little plump lips.. Her eyes huge and round like saucers her fine blonde hair hung in a curtain of baby ringlets below her ears.

She went on to sing at a local youth club with one of my eldest friends who could also sing. Anyway my youngest went on to sing at the local festival.

Her song of choice gives you an idea of how great her singing voice is the song was Respect by the great Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. In the mean time enjoy ❤️👑😎🍀

Plant Based Vegan Homemade Shepherd’s Or Gardener’s/Cottage Pie

Hello there my lovelies it’s Mr Vegans birthday so I made him a homemade lentil with mixed vegetables soup with some herbs and black pepper.

So I decided to make myself a vegan version of a Shepherd’s pie. Traditionally made with minced beef or lamb.. Cottage pies used to have just minced beef in gravy.

As I have eliminated white potatoes from my diet to see if they are a trigger im using sweet potatoes mixed with a whole parsnip and a couple of carrots with no plant butter just black pepper and the vegetables themselves..

Anyhow I chopped what ever vegetables I found in the larder and fridge. Carrots Butternut Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Sweetcorn Peas Spinach Lentils spring onion parsnips and anything else you wish to use.

I usually cook the main protein part of the meal in a simmering lidded saucepan for an hour until everything is soft and the herbs etc is marinaded well with the herbs and the free from gluten gravy.

While this is simmering nicely on the hob I began cooking the root vegetables for the mashed topping.

I like to keep on hand a tub of vegan gravy granules to thicken up the lentils and mixed fresh veggy. This way when you put the mashed potatoes on top they won’t sink into the gravy.

In the UK we supermarket brands who also produce food products free from gluten milk eggs and wheat. So depending on the supermarket labelling most are likely plant based and vegan rather than vegetarian with other animal ingredients.. But they usually labelled the food products free from.. I use Tesco and Asda’s (Walmart) free from beef gravy are vegan.

Then it was browned off in the oven for around 20 to 30 minutes at Gas Mark 7 or 220°C (or 200°C if you use an fan assisted oven) to give the top of the mash a crunchy texture. ❤️

Fresh sweet potatoes carrots and parsnips chopped or diced into equal sized chunks makes for even cooking.
Mixed fruit ready for a low GI (Glycemic Index) no added sugar fruit salad..

This recipe is enough for roughly two people depending on the size of your appetite and your plate! 😎 🥰❤️🍀

Ingredients for Vegan Shepherd’s Or Gardener’s Pie..

I used 80g (grams) Sweet Potatoes, 20g Sweetcorn, 15g of Garden Peas, 80g Spinach, 20g of Lentils, half of a Spring Onion equalled to about 20 grams. 120g Parsnips, 120g or 2 medium to large Carrots, 30g Butternut Squash, 20g Swede/Rutabaga and 5 to 6 ½ cups of water. Asda Free From Beef Gravy add enough to your liking.

You can use freshly cut or dried herbs but I find that I need to add more when using fresh herbs from our garden. But when I use dried herbs such as Thyme Rosemary Coriander/Cilantro Oregano Majoram Asafoetida or known as Hing in Indian cuisine and a good alternative to the onion family I usually add ½ teaspoon (tsp) to begin then I will add more added to taste.

I quite like to keep a few bottles of dried herbs as a back up when the garden herbs have finished for the season. I also like to have separate herbs as well as a pot of mixed herbs to experiment with flavours with different dishes. Supermarkets produce their own dried herbs if you’re unable to grow your own..

These could be in a generic glass container with mixed herbs such as Chives, Sage, Thyme, Rosemary, Coriander/Cilantro or and Oregano. Or in the UK you can get a collection of mixed herbs called Bouquet Garni and Herbes De Province.. This depends on the brand and the supermarkets..

Lastly not forgetting our number one staple for Mr Vegan and I is Black Peppercorns. Black Pepper is usually sold either whole to grind to the coarseness you prefer. Or pre-ground Black Pepper shaker if you don’t have a pepper pot. Black Pepper is known for its medicinal anti inflammatory properties. ❤️

Meat free Recipes – Combined archive – Meatless Farm

Hey there lovelies it’s been a strange few days for me and I haven’t been well enough to write or post much.

I hope everyone is as well and healthy as you can be. The usual Reactive Hypoglycemia and my making my way through this minefield and I seem to stable again after a series of Hypos (Hypoglycemia) lows that were very low glucose results.

Anyway, I buy sometimes plant based alternatives to mince beef or chicken as part of a recipe occasionally. One such product is from Meatless Farm and available in the UK in various popular Supermarkets such as Tesco Asda and Sainsburys and direct from their website.

So whether you want to make something festive for the holidays. Or be tempted by some of the traditional or around the world recipes..

Check out the link below as most of these companies have recipes to make the best of their produce..

You don’t even have to be vegan to try these recipes. ❤️

Watch “Diverticulitis Signs & Symptoms (And Why They Occur)” on YouTube

My partner and soulmate Mr Vegan has diverticular disease and he gets bouts of diverticulitis then goes into remission. He leads a vegan diet and lifestyle changes helped with improving the IBS symptoms he experiences on a daily basis. Much of his morning is taken up with trips to the toilet and being doubled over in pain.

Then having to reluctantly return to bed, and wait for his symptoms to subside. He’s usually dolaid curled up in bed, due to the nausea sickness with visible shaking. This is due to the severe pain which comes and goes intermittently.

This video discusses the signs and symptoms of diverticulitis and why they occur. ♥️

Watch “How did Olivia Newton-John Find Out Her ‘Dead’ Boyfriend Is Alive?” on YouTube

Hello lovelies totally random post I’ve always fangirled over Olivia Newton John. I think she was a great singer and  I enjoyed seeing her in films such as Zanadu and Grease a 9 year old me my Mum and sister went to watch Grease at the cinema.

When I was able to get the soundtrack of each movie I played them on repeat so I knew the words to every song. This short video shows some amazing photos of Olivia she was stunningly beautiful and has aged really  well and looks good for her age.

She is alive and a cannabis advocate and patient for treating the multiple times she had cancer. ♥️🙏

Watch “What Happened When Hospital Workers Went Vegan During Covid-19 Pandemic | The Exam Room Podcast” on YouTube

Hi there my lovelies it’s a shortish one as I’ve had a day of hospital tests when admitted this morning for the reactive hypoglycemia problem I have. Anyway, I thought I would share this video and the study itself. Sadly I don’t have my Athens account anymore.

However I got to read the synopsis which I managed to get enough by watching the short video interview. By the lead doctor. Her research with her colleagues involved enrolling health care workers during the COVID pandemic. What was revealed was interesting and informative .. well worth watching and or reading if you are a student. ♥️

Watch “A Tale of Two Drugs; THC & GABApentin. Dr. Ian Mitchell: 2019 CannSolve Summit – Cannabinoids & Pain” on YouTube

An interesting watch hearing about the history of Gabapentin from when it was first manufactured and used for medicine. Then the same breakdown of the origins around Cannabis. But bear in mind this was filmed in 2019 and the event location is in Canada.

But the information on each drug and it’s efficacy is relevant. However there is more updated information available online to read listen or view than there is here. But it’s definitely worth a look!♥️😘

Finally, the take away from this for me is that not all pharmaceuticals are effective. Especially when taken regularly over a long period of time. Therefore this impacts on everyone who is living with a chronic illness. They’re having to purchase privately prescribed cannabis based products for various reasons.

Some of these are because people are wanting a safer alternative to pharmaceuticals. Another reason could be that pharmaceuticals aren’t an efficacious drug for long term use. Or for various reasons not just pertaining to long term use – especially as the only licensed cannabis based medicine is synthesized from the Skunk and plants.

I’ve been a legal cannabis patient (since April 2021.. and I’ve been an advocate and campaign for legalising cannabis and raising awareness. According to various media information and studies, there are very few people who have access to CBM’s currently…♥️ by by 5vTfGskPU


Good evening lovelies! While I was finishing the bed I could hear my Kev in the next room. He was only on the phone to his friend. I wasn’t really making a point of listening as I’d stripped the bed so my attention was on my task. However, I was inspired to write.

Everybody is grateful for something in our lives aren’t we. The usual one is to be grateful for your health.. For those of you who have just joined our little lovely community at Ramblings, will come to know I have multiple complex health needs. This is mainly due to complications (then diagnoses) from being twice infected with double pneumonia and twice Sepsis shock survivor.

When I can figure out where it is I’ll add a link at the end of my experiences put onto video on YouTube.

Apologies I’m rambling as usual 😘 anyway I was thinking about how grateful I will be to get into bed as my feet have been hurting more lately. I’m grateful for the place we live in and for our children and grandchildren who are a constant source of love joy delight and inspiration from.

Lastly I am grateful for the love of my life and the cannabis plant. It has given me not only better breathing and pain relief. I’m able to taper my dosage to wean myself off of the strong opiate medicines. But I am grateful for so many different things and opportunities I could be writing for a long time…

But after the second time my lungs collapsed I was awake and aware of what had happened. As the consultant told me I was going be put into another induced coma to put another drain in my lungs and rest for reasons too long to put here. Then later by light sedation {as they couldn’t do it via general anaesthesia – another story in itself} as they were filling with fluids)

I was told after the fact how lucky I was to survive. So in my case, its true – I’m so grateful for my health! ♥️

Admittedly I’ve always been positive and optimistic and try to practice mindfulness meditation and other techniques to create self reflection and homeostasis…

So what are you grateful for ?

Watch “Grassroots: The Cannabis Revolution (Medical Documentary) | Real Stories” on YouTube

Hi there my lovelies on the 1st November 2018 cannabis was legalised for medicinal use.

According to the UK’s government agency NICE, cannabis based medicine is only for people who live with Multiple Sclerosis, intractable Epilepsy and people going through the horrendous process of cancer treatment. Cannabis based products are used for antiemetic treatment for the side effects of aggressive cancer therapies❤️

These four types of CBM’s are licensed for the NHS. However, still very few are prescribed these medications as you’ve got to have tried other medications including opiates.

This doesn’t include or provide any help or access cannabis based products for people who live with other progressive conditions, of which cannabis can help. This doesn’t include any patient suffering from chronic pain and other conditions.

However if you have money you can buy cannabis in the UK private sector via a prescription from a pain specialist and or psychiatry. In my case I joined Project Twenty 21 ..(T21) and I have got discounted medicine prescribed to me. I give my information to Drug Science to input into their ongoing database of real scientific data (information) to provide evidence that cannabis works for many conditions.

As I have a long list of health conditions I’d be a fool not to sign up for T21. Especially since it will help future people who are interested in accessing cannabis based medicines. ♥️✌️🙏

But if you were to buy cannabis based products without a prescription then it’s illegal and subject to legal prosecution and jail time for possession of an illegal dried flower that helps relieve pain and any medical conditions you might live with. ♥️

Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease

I came across this particular video, the first out of a short three part video series. It was on YouTube as a recommended watch. I’m so very glad I did! You see I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity several years ago after I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.

I came across my gluten sensitivity through partly research as my partner shares some of these symptoms (he was subsequently diagnosed with gluten sensitivity too) and working with my doctor and dietitian.

I also have autoimmune disorders one of which was diagnosed as Hypothyroidism. With the type of Hypothyroidism I have, it is common to get gluten sensitivity. According to Dr Datis Kharrazian, ..“Gluten intolerance and Celiac disease is a auto immune response to Gluten and numerous studies have been linked with Hashimotos”. Kharrazian,D: Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms, Elephant Press, (page 26)

My doctor and my specialist agreed that it wasn’t worth putting me through the gluten test because of the severe symptomatic reaction I have. They said it’s easier for me to avoid all gluten containing foods.

I had a Celiac test done but I had already stopped eating gluten that the results wouldn’t be accurate. The results were negative so rather than a allergy. It’s an intolerance to gluten but I accepted it and have much improved since cutting out gluten containing foods.

However, I was aware that gluten can be found in medicines. As my partner is prescribed gluten free medicine. But I didn’t know that white potatoes can mimic Gluten as can oats. I found this interesting because I stopped eating white potatoes to see if they cause Hyperglycemic and Hypoglycemic symptoms. I spoke about this in a past blog post.

These are very interesting videos and has prompted me into looking at gluten sensitivity/intolerance and celiac disease a much closer look. But I am also reading a new book about prediabetes… which will be in the next blog enjoy ♥️….

Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity Part 1

Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity Part 2 of 3

Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity Part 3 Living Gluten Free.

Pain and Magnesium

I watched an interesting educational video about pain whether acute or chronic pain. Dr Andrea Furlan discussed Magnesium in relation to pain. She also explained in understandable terms what is pain and how a diet rich in Magnesium mix beneficial for pain.

There’s a link below where you’ll find a list of foods that contain Magnesium (Mg) and a link to the YouTube video of the *same name.

Dr Furlans video

Watch “You’ll Want To Eat These Vegan Lemon Cream Overnight Oats EVERY Day! (For Breakfast and Dessert!)” on YouTube

Hello lovelies I’ve always enjoyed Lemon fresh lemons and limes are tasty too. But I’ve always harboured a love affair with lemons and lemon contained food and beverages.

Anything from a child I’d eat the lemon slices that decorating food and drinks at parties or my mum’s homemade lemon meringue pie or she’d make flans and tarts I remember many different ways of making cakes desserts with sweet and savoury pastries pies and puddings.

My mum known as Connie but her name was Spanish Conselleta (she was of English Romani and Welsh Kale or Kalá Romani descent. They had came to Wales via Spain. But I digress..) was an experienced and qualified chef it was her passion and would be always making something using her own pastry recipes.

It’s funny I’ve always enjoyed oats and porridge oats but I’ve always been used to them hot. I suppose they remind me of rice pudding. Another dessert I loved as a child. Often served with fruit or prunes I loved having a dessert after the main meal. Or we’d have occasions when on a Sunday we’d have a Apple pie and custard. Mum’s pastry was unbeatable in terms of taste. I’ve never tasted anything else like her pastry recipes since. Especially I’m referring to her shortcrust pastry!😉♥️

You might even say I made trying different pies pastries cakes desserts and puddings a happy hobby.. I like to eat many different treats.. I always find myself drawn to Lemon.

So while I would have to alter the recipe to ensure that it’s gluten free and very minimum of natural unrefined sugar sources. As I have Reactive Hypoglycaemia I’ve got to ensure it won’t cause a sugar spike and cause Hyperglycemic symptoms as those symptoms are awful it is because the insulin drops too quickly after being absorbed too quickly.

But check out this video and Cooking with Plants channel and her other recipes on YouTube. I’ll let you know when I try this it looked like a rice pudding to me. Which is great as that thought will help me to try some cold overnight oats.(As a child I was used to a non lumpy hot bowl of oats. So I hated it when it went cold) But something tells me that this recipe is the one that’s gonna taste good.

I have both almond and soya milk. So I think I may try these overnight oats. There is many different varieties and recipes for overnight oats…

My Kev’s Interview With Green Queen Magazine.

Hi there my lovelies just thought I’d share this with you all. ❤️

This is a very good article outlining the legal cannabis community and access to cannabis based medicines and growing your own cannabis medicines. (You can legally purchase everything including Cannabis seeds and equipment in which to grow. But the moment you germinate that seed without a licence (which are given for commercial purposes only) you are breaking the law in the UK.

Kev discusses the benefits, if we could as patients (or a caregiver for people like me who can’t grow my own) were able to grow our own cannabis plants. He discusses how it would alleviate the stress of when stock isn’t available for the patients as well as saving money as we purchase our CBM’s privately..

In addition it would help the medical professionals and prevent patients having to go back to the black markets or compassion clubs to purchase their cannabis flowers or oil because there is some stock availability issues in the private sector.

According to published by the UK department of health and the home office published in 2020 in March 2nd saying that they are changing the import restrictions for cannabis based products so people with prescriptions for cannabis based products for medicinal use do not have their treatment interrupted.

Yet I’ve had interruption in my treatment and was without CBM’s for almost a month and again a week without CBM’s is seems to me a result of unnecessary restrictions on the import regulations ..

Obviously it would save millions on the NHS aswell as not taking precious resources away from the Police Services across the country.

One of our friends Carly set up a organisation (Cancard) where such a system could be set up nationwide. She has been carrying out training with the metropolitan police at various locations. This is also backed by the Police Chiefs Council and the Police Federation in the UK.

However be aware even if you have a Cancard. This doesn’t mean to say you won’t be arrested. As it is up to the discretion of the attending police officer whether they will charge you for cannabis possession and or cultivation.

Faster access to cannabis based medicines

Cannabis as a Medicine

I’ve found that cannabis as a medicine remarkable. One little plant… it’s leaves when you can get them donated via a friend or compassion club are used in food. Cannabis stems leaves and flowers can be so versatile. They not only benefit the human body, it has so many uses from medicine to clothing textiles to building materials. We’ve found its good for putting CBM’s leaf material into smoothies. Sadly it’s not very often we get donations of leaf material.

As they help with pain aswell as additional fibre, and receiving additional omega’s and other nutritional benefits, vital for homeostasis. It’s also beneficial for Mr Vegan’s and anyone’s health conditions such as diverticulosis and diverticulitis psoriasis Arthritis chronic illness as well as widespread chronic pain.

I am a legal cannabis patient, it is prescribed to me privately via a private pain specialist… I have raw cannabis flowers which relieves pain aswell as having other benefits to my breathing for instance.

I also believe if you can prove you have a clinical need for CBM’s and you can do so you should be eligible for growing your own strain of CBM’s at home. There’s opportunities such as Cancard founded by my friend Carly. However, while Cancard is backed by the police federation and Police Chiefs council.

It is up to the individual officer at the moment whether he or she will pursue charges for cannabis possession and or cultivation. This doesn’t mean that the next time you are approached by the police they may arrest and charge you for cannabis possession and or cultivation.

While I am now legally protected from prosecution and eviction from our home for consuming cannabis medicine via a private legal prescription. I have no intention of stopping advocating for cannabis based medicines. Especially for the people unable to access CBM’s. People assume that you smoke it but there’s many ways to consuming cannabis based medicines.

But it shows you that more and more medical professionals are receptive to Cannabis Based Medicines. I’ve been very lucky each medical professional I’ve approached including the endocrine specialist, have been open minded receptive and a positive response.

My neurologist even knew about the ECS.. As he went on to tell us both about the research he’s been involved with on cannabinoids and knew of sativex via his work at King’s College Hospital London. You can be prescribed cannabis flowers oil and available in other places you may find tinctures and edible products or leaves and flowers used in culinary dishes.

He was very receptive during our consultation and wrote down the details of my repeat prescription as I described exactly what kind of cannabis flowers I was vaping via a vapouriser. This was reflected positively in the consultation about cannabis being highly beneficial for me..

He said he felt cannabis was the future and thanked us for the education on CBM’s and encouraged me and Mr Vegan to continue advocating for cannabis to be accessed from the NHS instead of the black market… I’m inclined to agree cannabis is the future and can help our society and civilization environmentally…♥️

Update My Thyroid Journey Update Part 2

Hello my lovelies numero dos Nummer zwei. I have a few blogs that have been split into two parts. I also have a three part post. The reason I write these types of serial posts, is not to stretch out the subject or topic to garner more followers and readers of my blog posts. It’s because I have so much to say it sometimes warrants a second part or a third post in order not to bore the reader.

However, as my blog title says “Ramblings” I get carried away in the notion of giving you as much info as possible to help you. I really do ramble on at times. So I don’t want to bore you with too much information.

But that being said, in order to help the reader figure out if they’re experiencing for example an autoimmune condition or something else. You research into the exact symptoms of a particular type of disease with the corresponding symptoms like in my case shaking heart symptoms feeling faint nauseous and sometimes vomiting and excessive thirst, feeling cold, dry itchy skin, circulation problems, aching joints, hair loss, insomnia and tiredness in addition to fatigue. Sometimes feeling too hot and intolerant to the heat, feeling easy to anger, irritable and snappy with mood swings. Anxiety not typical for you all fit the profile for diseases such as Hypothyroidism. They also fit the profile of Reactive Hypoglycemia aswell. So it is just unlucky I have both.

You would logically look in places such as scientific books podcast and information published online in the scientific communities for information that matches the symptoms you may be experiencing. This is to ascertain if the symptoms you experience match a particular disease or chronic health condition. Based on this information you can then decide to visit your primary care doctor or physician and ask them to conduct some blood tests to rule out any potential issues.

Firstly, it can depend on why you have Hypothyroidism in the first place. For some people it is because they also have another underlying condition that can cause additional complications and health issues such as Hashimoto’s disease. Hashimoto’s disease can cause issues such as Hypoglycemia heart or cardiovascular condition and you may even experience (in my case it was gluten sensitivity) an intolerance to gluten. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 2017 and I was also experiencing unknowingly to me and Mr Vegan Reactive Hypoglycemia symptoms aswell.

Brain fog and confusion is two common symptoms experienced with both Hypothyroidism and Reactive Hypoglycemia. Unexplained anxiety is another symptom and when you experience anxiety together with brain fog and confusion it’s very difficult to think clearly. I have promised myself that 2023 will be to look into my mental health.

Are they psychological issues pertaining to the nature of symptoms being related and typical of this particular condition/s? Or is it a result of stress aggravating these symptoms. Or is it the side effects from weaning off prescribed strong opiates? Or is the PTSD and anxiety reoccurring because of my Hypothyroidism or totally unrelated? This is a subject for the next post as I navigate my way through what I hope will be an enlightening journey and I’m grateful for all of you that follow my posts here aswell as my other blogspaces and on social media platforms such as Facebook twitter Instagram Pinterest and Tumblr ♥️ and https://at.tumblr.comțw/nellyslilblog1/qj16n3bngj7z

Study demonstrates significant improvement in pain from CBD

Hello lovelies I thought I’d share this link with you all. As you all know I am prescribed cannabis for pain. I have observed other benefits to my health needs and quality of life. As I live with preexisting health conditions and chronic pain in the form of neuropathic muscular and arthritic pain I find CBD beneficial aswell as THC and vaping at different temperature enables you to access other cannabinoids such as CBN (which has sedating properties) and flavinoids CBG aswell as terpenes. ❤️|the 4444~eguidance-for-medical-cannabis-users/

Those Vegan Guys The Ultimate Tesco Shopping Video (Watch)

Hello lovelies if you live in the. UK and are curious about a plantbased vegan lifestyle. Or visiting the UK and/or have just signed up for #veganuary. Unless youre like me, already vegan and looking for the latest newest plant based foods to try. Otherwise also finding some inspiration. Or you just want to make some positive changes in your life.. These types of content pertaining to shopping vlogs can show you what kind of products aswell as yummy food, as well as health and household products available. While you are checking out this video check out @ThoseVeganGuys and @veganqueens they have an excellent resource for anyone interested in taking the leap into plant-based vegan lifestyle ♥️

Hello lovelies sharing this comprehensive list of available products at a Tesco UK supermarket xxx

Update My Thyroid Journey.. Autoimmune Health Part One

Hello lovelies this last month has been upside-down and inside out at least that’s how my head and body feels.. At the end I hope to post a video which explains my situation somewhat. But I can’t promise it’ll be uploaded as concentration span is the same presently as a puppy dog or a human toddler. But I’d love to thank Mr Vegan, my Kevy, my partner my soul mate best friend all rolled into a kind gorgeous funny considerate charming charismatic bundle for taking care of me and keeping me entertained. At times I just need observing and complete rest especially when I have a Reactive Hypoglycemic emergency.

Despite his own disabilities he always makes sure there’s nothing I need or that I’m warm enough. I’ve felt quite rough recently and as I have multiple symptoms, it’s been a journey trying to find a reason for my symptoms. If they’re pertaining to these preexisting health conditions or if something else entirely.

I’d been diagnosed back in 2017 with Hypothyroidism after 6 months of being drenched in perspiration, passing out, eye sight issues violent shaking heart racing aswell as palpitations. I was and I’m still continuing to lose my hair, not just on my head but my eyelashes are coming out basically lack of hair all over my body. This was including fluctuating weight losses. Then I’ve been finding it a struggle trying to stabilise my weight gains, as these groups of symptoms cause me lose weight. Oedema in my feet and legs, chronic pain in my chest including shooting pains down my left arm.

While this sounds like heart problems all scan results show other than the previous scarring from Pneumonia and severe sepsis shock my heart is functioning normally. So that was a relief as I was originally thinking it was my thyroid disease but I had as started to think that my heart was somehow damaged and failing.

I’d even entertained the thought that I’m going to lose so much weight that it would damage my heart and this would be the end of me. But the change in thyroid medicine dosage seems to have dissipated many of the symptoms I was experiencing. Being unable to keep warm but breaking out in a sweat simultaneously experiencing palpitations and intermittent breathlessness that comes when your heart is also racing.

In a future post I will write about the psychological symptoms and the confusion it creates in your own mind especially when you’re living with an autoimmune condition such as Hypothyroidism Hashimoto’s and you’re also living with PTSD and past traumatic experiences ❤️

Terry Hall Of The Specials Died Recently Aged 63

Hello lovelies I was saddened and surprised to hear this news of Terry’s passing@@ on the radio at 3 am yesterday 3morning rubbing cannabis oil on my legs, trying to stretch them out and warm them up. I’ve been having problems with my circulation lately and at night especially.

Anyhoo The Specials and this song was the first song I heard and liked. From my childlike perspective it was the first group that had both black and white people playing music, friends together. I connected to the songs and their commoradary its hard to choose a favourite. They had songs such as Message To You Rudy, Monkey Man, Do Nothing, Rat Race, Enjoy Yourself, Your Wondering Now, and Too Much Too Young. I even wore some black and white when the ska two tone style of clothing was out.. I was only a kid and still liked their music when Terry with two of his band mates from The Specials formed the group Fun Boy Three with songs such as Ghost Town, The Lunatics Are Taking Over The Asylum, Our Lips Are Sealed, It Ain’t What You Do, aswell as Really Saying Something with Bananarama a popular UK girl band in the 1980s..

Lastly he also had a song Thinking Of You under the name of Colourfield. He wrote songs aswell as covering other songs previously played by other artists.. ❤️

Watch The Beautiful Laverne Cox Break Down HerActing Career… An Honest Discussion Around The World Of A Someone Identifying As Transgender..

Hello lovelies, I really want to get this piece of writing right, to be very sensitive to the reader regardless of who you identify as or not as the individual case may be. I was raised to be respectful to others in the way you would expect to be treated. To be a kind human, caring courteous compassionate to everyone I meet regardless of your identity. I’ve always been open-minded to human connections on a deep down to the soul level. I sadly don’t know anyone who is transgender A as a child wow she is beautiful. my parents were open so I knew being transgendered could mean that a man or woman can be born as the wrong gender..

My first knowledge of a biological man or woman having gender reassignment surgery to change into the gender that matches their inside was the actress and model Caroline ‘Tula” Cossey. She was the first transgender woman to play a love interest for James Bond in the Bond film For Your Eyes Only… She was known as one of the Bond girls. As was all of the love interests come to be known in the James Bond series of films.. Caroline or Tula was known as an early inspiration for anyone who felt different from society. While I’ve always been certain of my gender and identity, it made me aware that men can have and be in touch with their feminine side and that women can embrace their masculine side. Also the percentages of how fluid

Then to the present, my daughter recommended we watch on Netflix Orange Is The New Black. As she knew I used to enjoy an Australian TV prison drama called Prisoner Cell Block H in the 1980s about a group of women serving prison time and the drama surrounding the inmates and the lives of the prison guards (they called them screws) But Orange Is The New Black is an American series and I was drawn to the characters including the Laverne Cox’s character This is worth watching ❤

Biomedicines | Free Full-Text | “Flower Power”: Controlled Inhalation of THC-Predominant Cannabis Floss Improves Health-Related Quality of Life and Symptoms of Chronic Pain and Anxiety in Eligible UK Patients

Hello lovelies this is an excellent resource for anyone interested in taking part in the Project T21 registry this is also excellent for anyone looking for an alternative and much safer option compared to opiates … As you know I used to be on various opiates and other pharmaceutical painkillers such as Pregabalin Tramadol Diclofenic Naproxen Buprenorphine on top of paracetamol and a Fentanyl Patch I felt like a pharmaceutical version of Keith Richards… bless his heart, the Rolling Stones member is infamous for the number of drugs and the variety of drugs he was known to have consumed and survived the experience relatively unscathed… With the exception of the Diclofenac, the rest I took on a daily basis included in this were other medicines to counteract some of the side effects these medications induce. The Fentanyl patch was changed twice weekly but I have no other medicine other than my thyroxine which is a hormone replacement as my body has stopped producing thyroxine which is essential for my life.

However, I have a much better quality of life and not constantly laying on the bed spaced out on pharmaceuticals. I can function better without all those medications and cannabis manages my pain, It has minimised the withdrawal symptoms I’ve experienced since weaning myself off of the final pain medication I was taking for neuropathic pain. I used to be on the maximum dose of Pregabalin 3 times per day. Then I dropped to twice daily then once per day. I began to take one tablet every other day which equals to 4 times per week. then I reduced it to three times per week ie I took them Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. then reduced a day to twice per week. I was waiting until the symptoms dissipated before going to the next stage. By taking it at my pace I was able to reduce my dosage successfully. I’ve even managed to gain a pound in weight, which is great as I lost about a stone (14 pounds)possibly a factor in my weight loss although the weight loss issue existed before the weaning off began. So I’m more than lhappy to gain a little weight… Hope you find these links useful…

Tim Curry A Fabulously Versatile Character Actor…

Hello lovelies I first saw Tim Curry as Dr Frank N Furter in the cult movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I have seen the film several times over the years ( I was a small child on its original release in August 1975 in the UK) and is amongst my favourite movies. I’ve seen him play in various genres of movie and I’ve seen him play villainous characters. I’ve enjoyed them them at the time. But I never knew he played the clown Pennywise from Stephen King’s book It. (I was a huge Stephen King fan to his books at first) I often don’t watch film versions of a book I’ve read as the book is often in my own personal opinion better than seeing the film. Often characters names or occupations are switched and an important part of a story can be left out on the producers and writers creative/artistic flairs.

But when I heard about the film to see was Carrie (with Sissy Spacek) I thought ohh im not sure I want to see it I’d read the book and loved it.. My mum liked horror films so as soon as thy came out on video or TV my mum would rent out all the horror films and other genres. But it appealed coz I read Stephen King Dean Koontz James Patterson and Female peers such as Karin Slaughter Tess Gerritson and many others. I saw the film and enjoyed it and that I’d find that Stephen King thought about his reader fans like me. When films Stephen King’s film adaptation or inspired by films such as Carrie, Christine, It, The Tommy Knockers, The Stand, Misery was a particularly good film Kathy Bates ‘nailed’ that character (pun not intended but I’m keeping it as it fits my quirky humour)

Anyone who has read the book or and seen the film ( I read the book in a day.. I’m not kidding I couldn’t put it down… 🥰) then saw the film there was certain things that happens in the book as you know she keeps him prisoner. Anyhoo I decided to find out WTF Happened To Tim Curry and wassurprised to see what had happened to him.. ❤️

Is Eating Sprouting Potatoes Safe ?

Hello lovelies the humble potato is a root vegetable that is one of my favourite foods. There are many varieties of potatoes belonging in the nightshade family. I was surprised to discover that there are thousands of different varieties of potatoes. The poor potato seems to get a bad reputation of not being good for you. However the way you prepare cook and serve your potatoes can impact on your diet.

I’ve always been wary of eating potatoes that are sprouting and go green in places but never knew exactly why. My mum always said not to eat them too so decided to Google it to investigate here are a couple of interesting link that tell you why… ❤️


How Food Impact On The Blood Glucose Has Significant Impact On The Order You Eat Your Foods

Storz & Bickel Crafty + Vaporiser UK Review..

Hello lovelies I was very fortunate to have been given a Storz and Bickel Crafty plus vaporizer by a friend who had bought it, but had changed to oil so the Crafty+ wasn’t required.

This particular vaporizer is the best one I’ve used out of the limited vaporizers I used thus far. I wouldn’t have been able to afford to pay for this particular vape right away. But since using the Crafty plus I would certainly recommend it being one to save or aim for.. However, its competitively priced depending on where you live and if you take advantage of any discounts available.

Let’s start with the size it’s neat compact and easy to use aswell as store in a bag or purse. A similar size to a smaller sized mobile phone with an application available via Android or Apple. The app is user friendly and easy to use you can adjust the temperature by centigrade or Fahrenheit. It also has a find button so if you mislaid or forgot where you left it. It will light up aswell as vibrate. You can also set the automatic switch off timer to a shorter or longer time period as required. You can also alter the vape from as low as 40c.

It has plenty of accessories and is robust enough to take apart and clean. I usually clean the vape and the accessories once week completely. But I clean the mouthpiece the cooling head which attach to the mouth piece the screens and the body of the vape itself after every use.

Sadly I regret to say it was revealed it was secondhand when it was obtained. I knew the friend got it but I didn’t know it was already second and I was its 3rd rather than its 2nd owner. Sadly the vaporiser stopped working while writing this.. Sadly I’m unable to repair it.. So while it didn’t cost me any money I have to say that I used it enough to decide if I would recommend the Crafty+

Sadly I found it was cheaper to save for a new vaporiser than it was to get it repaired. Or if you were inclined to purchase a different branded vaporizer for less than it costs to repair this particular model. ♥️

Council Tax Rebate Applications Around The UK Last Day For Claiming..

Hello lovelies a short post today had not much sleep over the last few days due to various reasons out of my control and I’m having a crappy day vertigo nausea heart symptoms and shaking being amongst the usual symptoms. So I’m currently laying on my bed & resting..

In the UK especially if you live in property listed A to D on the council tax Bands are entitled to a £150 rebate there is criteria but sadly I’ve been unable to find the link you need. if you live locally in one of the London Borough Councils you can look for information on your council website. Or telephone your local council, (which is what I did) and they will give you the email address. My local council advised me to write a letter emailing the address he gave me saying I was eligible giving my full postal address.

But if you know you are eligible and live in the London Borough of Bexley, ( London Borough of Bexley) then you may want to email them directly using this email address I’ve received an automated response saying they have my details and they will be in touch within 28 days.. Good luck 🤞 🍀 ♥️