Start Out No Dig | Charles Dowding

Hello my lovelies a good video to start with if you want to try the ‘no dig’ technique. It has worked really well in the greenhouse so far. It is something that I’ve adopted in the planters and the hanging baskets. When it comes to planting new plants or cuttings, I make a slot in the place I want to grow them.

I make the slot wider with a wiggle of the gardening tools and pop them in. I was watching a Charles Dowding video on the no digging method. He says the main aim of the no dig technique (he devised) is to minimise moving the soil as little as possible.

Ive always been the type of gardener to pull up a weed the moment I see it break the soil’s surface. Ive since forced myself to be patient and let some of them grow abit longer.

Ive found that some of the ‘weeds’ have developed into flowers so I try to ascertain if its a weed or wildflower. Or even a self seeded plant where the birds or the wind has blown it.

As I have disabilities as does Mr Vegan so he made raised beds and we have large pots. So I’ve not found it difficult to maintain thus far. However when I have a RH attack I’m unable to go outside least of all try to weed the planters and containers.

I’m lucky if I can get to the front and outer door… As Reactive Hypoglycemia affects my breathing aswell as my heart racing and other symptoms such as shaking as nausea and vomiting, and on severe days an upset belly in addition to the other symptoms.

So the only thing I can do when I have a flare (as I call them as it is what it feels like a sudden onset of intense and sometimes severe symptoms) is wait it out.

Obviously I treat any hypos (low blood glucose or  sometimes known as blood sugar).

It usually makes me sleep as that’s another one of the symptoms.

Hope everyone has a lovely week, the weather has been in the late 20’s degrees centigrade in South East London and North West Kent borders. advertised as a heatwave and as a self confessed sunbaby. It is my ideal of heavenly sunbathing or tidying the garden kinda weather.

It is hot sunny with a small amount of the occasional cloud. With an occasional gust of wind or gentle breeze blowing around the garden. We have a mix of shaded part shaded and full sun environment.

So its taken some years to get the garden the way we want it.

Menopause and Perimenopause and The Journey of  Demystifying The Menopause …Post Hysterectomy

I thought I had a basic grasp of what menopause is and that you can get perimenopausal stages before the menopause. I was always lead to believe you had a set criteria of symptoms for it to be the menopause.

With myself I always believed I had the menopause and perimenopause symptoms in my late 30’s and throughout my 40’s. My mum started her menopause at the same time but she suffered the hot flushes mood swings etc.

I worked closely with women who went through the menopause. With my mum they lasted about 10 years.

With me the situation was more complex. Id had 3 children the final birth was 14 months after the previous. Later in my 30s I had a hysterectomy due to Adenomyosis and Endometriosis. I already had very heavy periods and fibroids with mood swings.

But a few years or less I started getting mood swings dry skin hair falling out and started getting what I thought was the typical menopause hot sweats.

It didn’t matter where I was or what time of day and feeling fatigued aswell as achy. Id gained abit of weight due to not being able to go back to the gym(after the hysterectomy- I couldn’t exercise for 12 weeks) But I also put it as post operation and lack of movement. I put it down to my back problem and a combination of age.

The hot flushes I experienced was over a period of several years and throughout my 40s. I’d assumed by my mums symptoms that I was going through the menopause too.

So I’ve believed it was over and done with now hitting my 50s. My doctor and I had discussions around the menopause and I was convinced at the time that wasnt the issue.

Although I’d had in the back of my mind it was similar to my sister. My sister has been getting similar issues so I’ve been trying to find out for her sake (she’s just a few years older). I believed that she could’ve had Reactive Hypoglycemia (RH) too.

What complicates matters I have a number of other conditions that match these symptoms too. Thyroid, an ectopic heartbeat, and RH amongst other health conditions. But I couldn’t get the feeling out of my head that it was something hormonal. Mainly because of the pattern it seems to follow when it occurs.

The reason I say this because Ive been making a brief note of when I had episodes of feeling poorly. These have been occuring every few weeks twice a day. lasting about the length of my old prehysterectomy history of a regular 5 days – until the Adenomyosis and Endometriosis) over the last 4 years.

Then yesterday evening as I was watching a educational video I looked on the My Menopause Doctor    website to see what I could find on the Menopause and Perimenopause.

What I found blew my mind.. So I decided to look into the Menopause and Perimenopause symptoms and found on Youtube some educational videos and Dr Louise Newson is the practitioner and menopause specialist behind The My Menopause Doctor Youtube channel.

I will be looking at this subject more in-depth and a comprehensive research on what they say is a natural phenomena that every woman goes through at some stage in their lifetime.

Update: I purchased on Menopause; All You Need To Know In One Concise Manual (Concise Manuals)

My Menopause Doctor Youtube Channel

Menopause Symptom Questionnaire

My Menopause Doctor website

Podcast Series..

Hello my lovelies for this post I hope to add a link to an audio podcast. ❤️

This features a very interesting an insight as you will.. into one man’s medical conditions and his journey through food and cannabis and how he accessed cannabis legally improving his quality of life.

❤️Enjoy ❤️

My Reactive Hypoglycemia Aka Post Prandial Syndrome Journey.

Well hello my lovelies I feel quite empowered and more positive than usual. Even though Ive got another chest infection and Tonsillitis (but on antibiotics which are working)

I had a schedule phone consultation with my regular doctor although sadly he’s leaving my surgery which is a real shame as he seemed to know about RH and how to practically help someone who is vegan. But there is a lady doctor whose also very good and she’s diabetic so she understands too.

She is also pro Cannabis and supportive that Ive taken charge of my health and she appreciated my honestly in being candid with her.

But back to today’s doctor he gave me his advice about things as in foods that can help stop the spikes in my blood glucose (a certain amount of sugar is needed to help the cells get oxygen to the body including the brain) He admitted he doesn’t care for pharmaceutical drugs himself either. Especially long term drugs exactly like what Im currently taking.

So while we spoke about my wish to come off opiates I’/d never said when I was going to do it. So I confessed I’d stopped taking my night time Pregabalin and just taking the morning one.

He was over the moon and said that’s fantastic news and was really happy the cannabis therapy is helping me. He also said there some good research pertaining to plant based protein and stopping the blood sugar spikes.’

So Im going to increase my protein take with each meal to see if this improves the RH attacks. I have noticed since cutting out foods containing white flour and processed foods and especially refined hidden sugar in some products were triggering spikes which is what makes the eventually drop dangerous which is why I have the extreme symptoms.

But I’ve got a blood test Monday 12th then seeing the endocrine team on Wednesday 21st with hopefully some definitive answers…♥️🙏

I’m compelled to write…

Ive never been materialistic. I have always been an individual I occasionally get caught up with nice clothing and boots… Boy I’m a sucker for boots. That and sunglasses 😎

But I am grateful for being able to get out on my mobility scooter on the day when my health is at its best. ❤️

When the weather is good and sunny in the UK. I like to be outside I’ve always been that way inclined.

As my sister’s will attest my parents had a job to keep me in! I like to sit out in the garden.

As I’m of Romani and Kalá descent nature and the countryside is built into my DNA.

I’d often take myself off just to lay on the grass staring up towards the heavens..

Or you would say in society Gypsy or sometimes Traveller because unlike the stereotypes shown on these reality shows (shown in the UK and US) they do not represent us as a Romani and Kalá people.

For instance in certain circles in the UK you mention the name Gypsy. You’ll see the coldness go behind the eyes. It’s a kind of harshness.. you get others that almost (if they’re that brave) look you up then down with disdain.

Or the normal phrase I get is oh I know or have some Gypsies staying/living nearby.. they’re never nasty to my face.

At times it makes you feel like a afterthought in society like we are the last acceptible racism.

In my family we were raised to be polite and respectful towards other people and animals. They taught us not to be prejudiced against anyone for any reason.❤️

Which including some people in society that people that use cannabis are labelled and judged for using a psychoactive substance. Yet it seems to be perfectly ok to imbibe cigarettes and alcohol with no consequences with the law. Yet both according to the world health organisation are psychoactive substances are both addictive and dangerous to human health.

But cannabis or by its more racially emotive names of Marijuana or Mary Jane was banned in the US then slowly around the world. Others did the same in the UK it was 1971. According to Harry J Anslinger disgustingly saying something like ”the darkies would lure white women and seduce them with marijuana”he also including the Mexican people in his diatribe and adopting propaganda.

My earliest thought about race and negative actions/behaviours and ideologies. Was at first witnessing my mum crying while she was watching a program.

It was the TV series Roots it was an award winning TV series about a African American man in a time where people of colour was enslaved and living/working on plantations. My mum knew her Romani history and how all Romani Gypsy were also enslaved at one point in history too. My mum being empathic could resonate. Her sister my auntie (bibee) was the same and my auntie would always say ah poor blood.. meaning she felt the pain of their experience as if they were family.

It my sentiments entirely and how I feel about people of colour and how I too can relate to people of colour rather than white Caucasian. Which on quick appearance you might think I am too.

However when ive been on holiday or out socialising for the evening/day/nighttime. Often people have mistaken me for Spanish Portuguese, Turkish Persian, Greek, and Italian

As my dear old mum wisely explained that there is good and bad in everyone. But it is how you behave is what matters and to be respectful and polite to everyone you engage with.. I ended up watching it too.

Roots was about a African American named Kunte Kinte it was an award winning US TV series which was shown in the UK in the 1970s.

If you were to look at me some have thought I was Spanish others thought I was Greek and Turkish and begin to speak in broken spanish for instance.

My blood sugar was at its optimum and as that meant the Reactive Hypoglycemia was stable I took a chance and popped out. Its the first time I could leave the home without my coat. Which was great slathered some sunscreen on went my hat and my glucose meter cannabis meds and my back up asthma inhaler.

I also had the radio going so I was ready for a quick trip to Gerry’s At Home. (which iI managed to pick up a lovely net for our bedroom hanging it as a three quarter length cafe style netting to avoid the windows getting condensates in the colder winter months.

I was only out for bout 25 minutes including the journey home I see a lady with a Big Issue, remembering my friend Cassandra and scrambled in my purse to see if i had any change.

I just said in passing to her that there is a lovely young woman called Cassandra and she stands here sometimes and her mum is caring for the children like me shes a Gypsy but Im a Romani … She smile and said I will pass on your message to her as Cassandra is my daughter!!

As I reversed on my scooter I suddenly saw the resemblance when I looked at Cassandra’s mother properly. As my sight isnt as good close up than it is further away.

Seed Our Future Films Seed Our Truth … The Documentary of 2021

This Friday July 9th….

Hello my lovelies as you know I advocate and consume cannabis as a medicine.. Seed Our Future’s Guy Coxall with collaboration from WTU and Outlaw from Manchester are organising a big event.

The venue is Parliament Square and they will be filming interviews with guest speakers such as my Kev our friend Tony who Ive written about before… (see my blog about Tony’s arrest and prosecution for saving his own life due to terminal kidney failure)

The line up so far is… Guy Coxall Seed Our Future. link to follow

Phil Monk (WTU) check them out on instagram.. another excellent link to follow..Our dear friend Phil founder of We The Undersigned

Outlaw of (Outlaw Ltd) he has a youtube channel you might want to check out..

Karen Gray (Access for children with Epilepsy) seen on various UK television interviews and in print as little Murray’s mum who had to fight for access for Murray..

Tannine Montgomery (Access for children with Epilepsy)

Simpa Carter (The Simpa Life) you can find Simpa on Facebook Twitter and Instagram..

Trev Coleman (Trev’s Law)

Jamie Bartley (Unyte Hemp)

Michael Omatsola-Morgan (Bio-Fuels For The Future)

Kevin Middleditch (GYO VS Medical Prescription)

Philip Antony Bevington (Persecuted for saving his own life)

More speakers will be available but its to be arranged…(TBA) This line up is taken from Guys website..Seed Our Future

If you are unable to attend (like myself) then my friend Simpa from The Simpa Life will be livestreaming the talks for those who cannot attend.

Then from 2pm it will be a trip to Scotland Yard…

Please Check out Seed Our Future for more information on ways you can contribute or be one of Seed Our Future’s many extras…🌱☘️🙏

Watch “Charles Dowding” on YouTube

He’s known as the godfather of the No Dig principle. He has a youtube channel which he runs a market garden from his gardens at Home Acres in Somerset UK.

He is also an author of several books including topics such as the no dig principle and organic gardening. He also lectures and teaches courses on the no dig principle.

Charles has a easy to listen voice and format in the way he delivers each video ..

So I have no doubt the courses he delivers is of a very high standard. I highly recommend subscribing as he has several playlists that will be of extremely good use to the beginner gardener to even the more experienced gardener who wants to try new tried and trusted techniques.

Title playlists are for example How to Grow Pest and Problems, Making Compost,Propagation and many more that might pique your interests.

Im not being paid or gifted in any way for saying about Charles Dowding and his website. But Ive found him very useful when growing my own flowers fruit and vegetables and just thought he was worthy of mentioning..

Finally Charles Dowding has his own website

Medicinal cannabis research gets $1.5m for cancer treatment symptoms

Hello my lovelies Ive been reading some interesting articles and consulting with other people in regards to my cannabis use for pain etc. I thought I would share this and a few more that Ive recently seen while conducting research.

This particular article was published in the latter part of June this year…

My Medical Cannabis Journey…

This is my trusty little vaporiser she’s called Spirit.. The photo below is cannabis flower or bud its what I put into the vape. ❤️

I became a legal patient and I consume cannabis flowers which are ground down into a smooth granule powder type consistency. ❤️

This must be of a set dosage for you. What I found surreal was the whole conversation with a medical professional about cannabis. The last time I spoke to a medical professional about cannabis based medicines.

They said the usual narrative that there isnt any evidence to support Cannabis works as a medicine. They also said theyd have no intention of prescribing it and the reminder it was illegal in the UK.

So after spending years of protesting, and attending protests, completing surveys, writing emails advocating and raising awareness about Cannabis. It seemed very strange to talk about my cannabis activism especially about my cannabis usage.

Especially to another medical professional who then proceeded to tell me not only was I eligible…

(But I knew this due to previous conversations which my old GP for cannabis based medicine Sativex said I’m sorry its too expensive you can’t have it). I’m eligible and what kind of cannabis did I want? My face was a sight to be seen haha..

I get my cannabis from my pain specialist who sends my script to the pharmacy who safely delivers my medicine via courier in the UK. I also wrote letters to parliament asking to make cannabis legal for sick people. Ive also written to appeal for others.. But Im rambling …

It was a surprisingly easy process from start to finish. I was recommended and inspired by my partner signing up and getting his own legal prescription. Anyhoo, we have other activist friends who went with this particular clinic so I went for it..

I was able to make an appointment with the doctor date and time of my choice .. Although they were all very busy with new or potential clients. I didn’t want to wait so I chose a different pain specialist to my partner.

We had the consultation via televideo. This was set up conveniently as correspondence was via links to click on in an email. So it was easy enough to follow. He had my medical records as I gave them my info.

Although something to consider in the future. Make sure your GP surgery is aware you are having a private consultation (if you feel comfortable in doing so) Or instruct the surgery to send a summary of care to your medical professional.

Maybe consider having the summary of care sent to you or collected then you may pass it on to your private doctor if you don’t want to tell your GP.

Although I had told my doctors surgery I was attending a cannabis clinic and the pain specialist needed a summary of care.. I told them who it was incase the clinic contacted them so they’d be less complications. My GP is supportive and is interested in the benefits I’m receiving from CBM’s.

It is fairly new in the UK and my surgery at first rang me to say that a Cannabis Clinic had rang and asked for my medical records and they wanted to check it was real and a genuine case. They did wonder if it was spam mail.

I laughed and assured them it was genuine and thanked them for ringing and told them they could send on my details as I cant have the consultation without it.

So allow plenty of time when you place an appointment my clinic recommended about 2 weeks. This was a fairly accurate timeline, given as the UK is still operating around covid conditions.

I hope this helps you drop me a line or a DM on my social media if you prefer. If you have any questions or comments then you’re also welcome to put them in the comments section below …

Right Im going to finish my cannabis medicine I’ve got my Spirit at a nice 180 degrees but I fluctuate the temperature settings depending on what other cannabinoids I want to activate as I’ve been accessing CBC CBD THC CBG.. ❤️

This obviously depends on what kind of pain or symptoms I’m experiencing and then I’ll fall into bed as its 11.48pm xx

Expert advice on growing Lily of the Valley

An interesting post on all things Lily of the Valley. The article is pertaining to the care of lily of the valley. Where they are best suited to, what environment in the part of the garden they like best.

Reading the article and thinking about our own garden and our Lily’s. They were grown from their roots bought out of Wilko’s (a popular UK store that sells from children’s toys,  to adults toiletries cosmetics, to stationary, and household items aswell as house/home  and garden supplies)

My Lily of the Valleys were sewn into pots and placed in the front area of our garden (outside our front door – as were situated sideways on so  we have another patch of grassed area which is communally used by the tenants in our 2 storey building) ♥️

Gardening Inspirational Tips

Hello my lovelies ever the eternal student I like to read about and watch educational videos about things/subjects that interest me. I like to pass on these bits of information to help others. Or consider if it could be useful to someone else.

Due to my health problems and disabilities I’m very limited to what I can do. But I keep busy with many hobbies..❤️

I’m very fortunate to have a considerate and caring (quite literally at times as my full-time carer) partner who enjoys the same kind of hobbies as myself.

So while he does the garden work I’m unable to physically do. I tend to the pots hanging baskets and planters at easy reach.

A useful gardening tip is consider how you use your garden. It might sound simple thing to do. But weve found it useful to avoid more future mistakes such as falling for a wonderful variety of sun loving plant and place it in a shady area.

We know that we will face old age in the future and my mobility and health issues are progressive. So we planned the garden in order to be able to work with plus enjoy the garden from a seated position. ❤️

As we both have disabilities we planned our garden by having the planters raised and having a variety of long handled tools.. Lastly, keeping the kind of plants that are perennial/biennial in nature. Also considered what we planned on using our garden for.

Also we planned what kind of plants we wanted to grow ensuring that we placed the right plant in its preferred conditions.

Our garden is for us an extension of our home. We have a working and leisure garden which is animal and wildlife friendly as we attract a variety of small and large birds. The wonderful pollinators such as bees, little black beetles, other garden predators helping to protect our growing food such as lovely little lady birds (ladybugs for my international fam!) Butterflies, my particular favourite the Hover Fly..

To enjoy flowers throughout the year we staggered the arrangement so we can have different flowers on show.. we like to choose plants which have attractive foliage not just to flower and look pretty. We choose our plants and flowers to attract the wildlife.

Some people like to design their colour schemes with groups of one variety of plant.

Or you can choose a monochromatic design. For instance different hues of one of two colours. Reds and yellows. ❤️

We mainly garden with a mix of food and ornamental plants.

We’re also very lucky to have a greenhouse and we’re able to grow food in the greenhouse aswell as the planters and hanging baskets in the main garden. ❤️

I enjoy taking photos of the different parts of the garden especially where the sun kisses them. I hope they inspire you.. 🍀 💚

Here are a few photos enjoy ❤️

They really did taste sweet and didn’t last long.. ❤️
Some Pansy seeds drying ready for use or storage in brown paper in a dark place,
A couple of pansies and a viola to the right (named Johnny Jump Up grown from seed these are from a previous seasons seeds.. ❤️
Pansy seed pod you can tell when the seeds are ready as the pod changes colour to a pale green/or yellow. I noticed some open by themselves if you can catch them on the plants before the seeds are dispersed for future plants and flowers. ❤️
In the greenhouse gathering two kinds of lettuce aswell as some herbs. ❤️
These garlic bulbs were grown amongst the ornamental plants. Some of the wildlife dislike the smell of garlic. I also like the green leaves amongst the flowers
Harvest of garlic bulbs organic no pesticides used and no dig for a couple of years has made an improvement in the soil and produce. ❤️

Salad with food from the greenhouse apart from the cucumber and tomatoes but all organic of course… Xx 😉 ❤️