Get coronavirus support as a clinically extremely vulnerable person – GOV.UK

For anyone who is urgent need of help pertaining to food and shopping delivery slots if you’re vulnerable(regardless of age)

This is applicable for the London Borough of Bexley area only in the South East of England.

You may look to the local authority in your area. If you live elsewhere in England and the UK and urgently need assistance.

Hope this helps you, they may also have a volunteers service.

They will collect medicines and other essential trips for you especially if you have for instance a gas card or electric key.

We’ve been so fortunately and grateful to our volunteers and now new friends who collect whatever we want or require.

This only applies if you are ‘shielding’ and are high risk of getting seriously sick or worse if you get Covid 19.

Stay healthy people wherever you are much love 😍 😎🦋 xx

Latest News On The Corona VirusCovid 19 Outbreak In The UK London Area.

The coronavirus is gathering pace with more people being confirmed with the Covid19 virus daily.

Presently, London is made up of 21 boroughs consisting of The City of London then Inner & ..
Greater London.

The link displayed below shows you the results of new and current cases of Covid 19 status of each Borough.

All vulnerable people are being told to self isolate, especially the over 70s. Included in the demographic is elderly people & younger with underlying chronic/multiple respiratory and other chronic conditions.

Please read the link for exact details as of Sunday March 14th 2020 on my London website.

For information about Covid 19 and the symptoms please see the previous post. The Corona Covid 19 virus outbreak.